Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There are 2 kinds of people...

there are 2 kinds of people out there: those who love/like Shakespeare and those who dislike/are indifferent to Shakespeare. it is my opinion that this blog will be a useful tool for both groups and here's why...

if you love the bard as i do, there is a lot you can give to and get from this project. you can read the plays along with me and offer your input,let us know what you have learned about the play in your experience with it, or simply read the blog and comments for pleasure. the thing is, i will only realize and discover so much. with the help of readers who are already converted to the the Shakespearean way, those who share this experience will learn and enjoy it as much as possible. we can learn and grow from each other. cool, right?

for those who aren't particularly fond of the shakes, i'm hoping this project will really help you understand what is going on, get you used to Shakespeare (which i truly believe is half the battle), and maybe even get you to love it! read the plays along with me if you can or just read the posts as we go, and we can grow in our understanding together.

no matter which category you fit into, post your questions, comments, and concerns and we will get through it all together. let's be real here kids, i am no expert. i need you here. some days will be frustrating and some will be exciting, but either way there will be 365 of them. we can do it!!!


  1. I hated Shakespeare when I was in school. It wasn't until someone told me to look at the works as theatre and not literature, that it started to work for me. Thus, I am one of those who have come to appreciate the S word.

  2. I definitely fit into the first category. I read "Romeo & Juliet" at seven-years-old, finished the entire complete works at age 12 around the time that I started writing my first really awful sonnets, and sometime around late middle school/early high school, actually started to understand the language. Sadly, I doubt that I'll be able to follow along reading every play with you, but I'll offer my input as best I can.