Tuesday, September 13, 2011


hey Shakespeare lovers. here's what's going on. after a ton of sleepless nights, overworked days, talking, deliberating, praying, disappointment, confusion, and general other struggle... i have decided to put the Shakespeare project on hiatus. i was offered a job teaching 2 classes at UCF. i also have a part-time job at LUSH and another part-time job at Disney which i will lose if i don't work 145 hours by the end of the year. i also have a paper to write on Robert Wilson for ASTR. i am also working on my thesis. i am also rehearsing for a long-awaited acting opportunity in The American Dream. and i am also about to start rehearsal to A.D. for Gem of the Ocean. i am also planning for my dance concert application. and i am also planning a wedding. and trying to be a normal human being, which is pretty much not happening. when i started this project, i had no idea i'd be offered this opportunity to teach. and this gig is taking up a crazy amount of my time. Theater, History 3, anyone? so after much deliberation, i have decided NOT to quit the project, but rather to put it on hiatus for one year. i will pick the project back up on July 15, 2012. that will put me on perfect track to accomplish my goal. i will have graduated from my Master's program, my thesis will be done, i won't be teaching, and i probably won't have 4 theater projects in the works. i might be moving and planning a wedding, but i'm guessing my commitments will be much less overwhelming. as sad as it makes me, this decision has pulled a huge weight off my shoulders. 1-3 extra hours a day? yes, please! i still won't get any sleep, but i will get a lot more accomplished. i hope everyone will understand where i am coming from AND i hope you will join me next July for the completion of the 365 days of Shakespeare project!!!!!!!

4 poems, 15 plays, 62 sonnets down. 1 poem, 22 1/2 plays, 92 sonnets to go.

when i am sitting in the Caribbean while Sean goes to medical school, i will be able to do that easy peasy lemon squeezy.

-rebecca may

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  1. Completely understandable. Sometimes aspiring to something great is an accomplishment in itself. This was such an extremely ambitious goal, and you tackled an amazing amount, amidst all of the other happenings in your life this year.

    You have so many pursuits competing for your focus that this seems like a healthy choice to preserve your well-being and the quality of your work, as well as your ability to thoroughly enjoy what you do.

    Best wishes in all your endeavors.

    Please, when you are ready to start again in July, post a comment here. That way, I will get an email to my gmail account, reminding me it's time to come back. Hopefully, my own schedule will be more friendly to following your progress with greater participation, too.