Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and the next play will be...

the next thing i will be tackling is a poem. here is the reading schedule for VENUS AND ADONIS:

thursday 1/6- introduction and background and lines 1-126
friday 1/7- lines 127-570
saturday 1/8- 571-1194

after that we will be heading into our first history, which will be THE FIRST PART OF KING HENRY THE SIXTH. here is the schedule:

sunday 1/9- introduction and background
monday 1/10- act 1
tuesday 1/11- act 2
wednesday 1/12- act 3
thursday 1/13- act 4, scenes 1-3
friday 1/14- act 4, scenes 4-7
saturday 1/15- act 5, scenes 1-3
sunday 1/16- act 5, scenes 4 & 5

happy reading! tell your friends!


  1. Lord have mercy on you and those histories...

  2. So, you didn't take long to get your feet wet before swimming into the histories, after all.

  3. I think the histories are so under rated. Richard III and Henry V are brilliant although I think poor Richard was much maligned. I have never read Henry VI...I am actually curious. Did not get a copy of the poem in time to read these first lines but it is funny that Shakespeare's immortality rests in his plays not his poems speaking from an historical standpoint. The Blackfriars community rejected the Burbarge's application for a theatre because a playhouse brought vice into the neighborhood! Remember, however, that is was his friends that assembled Shakespeare's First Folio, after his death.

  4. I'm dreading the Histories for my S3R Project ;_;
    MacBeth already threw me off a bit by having a SCENE EIGHT ;_; Currently scripting Lear, and...yeah, it's got quite a few scenes for every act.