Wednesday, January 26, 2011

and now for something completely different

okay. so. i had a heart to heart with the lovely alexis fuentes today and we discussed this blog. thanks to her brilliant mind and some re-thinking of my own, i've accepted that i need to breathe a little more life into this thing. i have the habit of doing this, i'm comfortable. so now it's time to improve and maybe have a little more fun? and maybe if i'm having more fun, i will dread doing it daily? and if i dread it less, it will be more fun to read? but remain a useful tool. it's worth a try. and eventually maybe i'll get to something. okay, here we go...


  1. I am having fun. This is the most I've ever contributed to a blog...even my own.

  2. I'm enjoying your posts. I'm doing a smaller Shakespeare project of my own this year. I was calling it the Crazy Shakespeare Project but after I found your blog I now know mine is the Really Fairly Sane, Comparatively Speaking, Shakespeare Project.