Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Merchant of Venice Intro Info


new day, new play! i am so excited for this one because i only really only know about it through conversation and pop culture. ya know? let's do it!

here's some stuff i learned about Merchant today:
-anti-semitism ran rampant during this time period. it was typical for a Jewish man, like Shylock, to have a tough time fitting into society like he does in this play. it is unclear, however, what Shakespeare's standpoint is on the subject. some argue that Shakespeare views Shylock as everyone else does qt the time: as a villain. others say that Shakespeare is shedding light on something that he perceives to be a problem in society. it will be interesting for us to look for the clues as we read!
-contrary to what you might think if you haven't read the play, Shylock is not the 'merchant' of Venice. he is a moneylender. the merchant is Antonio. although Antonio seems to have everything, something is definitely missing in his life. what could it be?
-Shylock is a really interesting character because although we may find sympathy for him because of the way he has been treated, he is unquestionably the villain of a romantic comedy. his character is full of paradoxes such as this. look out for the dichotomous happenings that come up revolving his views on money, commerce, and morals.

get excited! it's going to be an epic read.

for tomorrow: act 1!

-rebecca may

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