Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sonnets 36-42


Day 1 of Epic California Road Trip 2011! Woot Woot! We are currently approaching Pensacola as I struggle to blog on my phone. It is a pain in the booty. And I have an iPhone for pete's sake! Anyway, we will be camping in New Orleans tonight and back on the road early tomorrow morning. I lovvve road trips with my Sean. Yay!

#36- break up poem? the poet accepts his fate unhappily.

#37- the poet may be 'lame' and 'poor', but the person described in the poem is wonderful enough for the two of them.

#38- this poem basically says, 'as long as you are alive, i should never lack for something to write about.'

#39- divorce poem? (see quote below.) the poet manipulates language to make himself look good in the break up.

#40- the poet tells his friend to go ahead and take his mistress. he forgives his friend for the affair between them and cannot bear the thought of them being enemies.

#41- how can a man resist when a woman goes after him? he can't. so it's her fault that the poet's friend and mistress deceived the poet. ???

#42- the most incriminating of all so far. the poet is more upset to lose his friend than his mistress and bemoans the fact. this one is a must-read.

These sonnets are twisted. I think Shakespeare must've been a pretty tricky, possibly manipulative guy. Check out the way he uses language in sonnet 39, also in the quote below. It's like the original 'it's not you, it's me' speech people give when they break up with someone. But ten times more sneaky.

If I didnt think Shakespeare was gay before, I would definitely be considering it now after reading sonnets 40-42. Why in the world would any guy be okay with his friend stealing his girlfriend? Unless he was actually in love with the friend more than the girl? Before you object, read the sonnets. I know the voice of the writer is not necessarily Shakespeare's, but come on...

quote of the day:
'o, how thy worth with my manners may i sing,
when thou art all the better part of me?
what can mine own praise to mine own self bring?
and what is't but mine own when i praise thee?
even for this let us divided live,
and our dear love lose name of single one,
that by this separation i may give,
that due to thee that thou deserv'st alone.'
-sonnet 39

for tomorrow: Romeo and Juliet intro info!

11 plays, 4 poems, 42 sonnets down. 26 plays, 1 poem, 112 sonnets to go!

-rebecca may

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