Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 5, Scene 1


we leave tomorrow for California! ahhhh! so much to doooo! okay. on your mark, get set... BLOG!

act 5, scene 1
Theseus and Hippolyta enter the palace, followed by the lovers, finished with dinner and ready for some pre-bedtime entertainment. Philostrate brings them a list of the possible plays to be performed, including Bottom's play. Philostrate warns them against it, but Theseus is determined to have this amusement. Philostrate fetches our group of misfit actors, and the play begins. (there is no way to describe it, really. you must read it for yourself, or better yet, see it performed.) the play is completely ridiculous and hilarious, and the six audience members heckle the actors ceaselessly. (see quote below for Bottom's death as Pyramus.) at the conclusion, the players are prepared to go on into an epilogue, but Theseus gently asks them not to. everyone exits and in comes Puck, followed by Oberon, Titania, and the fairies. Titania and Oberon are happy together again. singing and dancing is had, and all but Puck exit. Puck concludes with his famous 'if we shadows have offended' monologue. THE END!

this act is hilarious. loved it. i love how many ways you could take this. i would love to sit in on a rehearsal with some really talented comedic actors and watch them play.

my only issue with the act is that it never ends! i remember seeing it and thinking it was over a couple of different times.

i've got nothing profound to say and no interesting questions to ask, but if you have any stories to tell about your experience with this glorious play-within-a-play, please share!!!

quote of the day:
'thus die i, thus, thus, thus.
   now am i dead,
   now am i fled;
my soul is in the sky.
   tongue, lose thy light;
   moon, take thy flight.
now die, die, die, die, die.'
   -Pyramus (Bottom)

for tomorrow: sonnets 36-41

11 plays, 4 poems, and 35 sonnets down. 26 plays, 1 poem, and 119 sonnets to go!

-Rebecca may

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