Thursday, June 23, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Act 4, Scenes 4 and 5


last dress rehearsal for Veronica's Room! and my first day at LUSH tomorrow! eep! gotta study some products and get some sleep!!!

act 4, scene 4
it is the next morning, and everyone bustles about, preparing for Juliet and Paris' wedding. Capulet discovers that Paris has arrived. he send Nurse to wake up Juliet, and goes to greet Paris.

act 4, scene 5
Nurse goes into Juliet's room to wake her up. at first she thinks Juliet is being lazy, or she's just slept in her clothes, but she soon figures out that Juliet is dead. she is freaking out. Lady Capulet, then Capulet each enter. they freak out too. Friar Laurence and Paris enter. Paris freaks out too. they all freak out together. Nurse, as usual, is particularly eloquent here. (see quote below.) Friar Laurence begs them to calm down. their freak outs aren't helping anything. Capulet orders all of the wedding arrangements to be turned into funeral arrangements. they all leave and the musicians have a weird conversation that i don't understand.

what the heck is going on? do people usually do a lot of cutting here? i don't remember ever having seen scene 4. ever. and i certainly don't remember the end of scene 5 with the musicians. in fact, i don't even really understand what is going on there. and why we see the scene. it's like... complete randomville. has anyone ever seen a production that includes this sections? please do enlighten me.

i'm a little unclear about what Friar Laurence is saying to the Capulets. is he already inferring that this is at least partially their fault? or am i just reading too far into it? if so, that's pretty messed up considering that he knows the truth.

quote of the day:
'o woe! o woeful, woeful, woeful day!
most lamentable day, most woeful day
that ever, ever i did yet behold!
o day, o day, o day! o hateful day!
never was seen so black a day as this.
o woeful day, o woeful day!
   -Nurse; act 4, scene 5

for tomorrow: act 5!

-rebecca may

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