Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 Henry IV Act 4, Scenes 1-4


yeah baby! i read the whole act today. booya! and i'm going to try to do the same tomorrow. i can do it, right? hell yes i can.

act 4, scene 1
Hotspur, Worcester, and Douglas meet at their camp. as Hotspur and Douglas express their mutual love for one another, when a messenger delivers news of Hotspur's father's sickness. Hotspur is upset that this might affect his chances of winning the battle against King Henry. he soon turns the situation around in his mind, however. he decides it's good because it means that not all of their powers are being used all at one time. they will have a back up plan. Worcester is concerned that people will think they don't have him on their side, which will make them look weaker. Vernon arrives that King Henry is marching toward them. in even worse news, Prince Hal is with him. Hotspur is upset. (see quote below.) in even worse news than that, they learn that Glendower cannot bring his men for another two weeks. Hotspur's response is: BRING IT ON.

act 4, scene 2
Falstaff talks. a lot. and i'm not really sure what he's talking about.

act 4, scene 3
Vernon and Worcester try to convince Hotspur and Douglas that they should wait for morning to attack, but Hotspur is impatient and wants to attack right away. Blunt arrives from the King's camp to figure out what Hotspur and co. have against them. Hotspur lays into him, saying that Henry used them, lied to them, and then cast them aside. Blunt relays sentiments of grace, love, and forgiveness from the king. Hotspur sends Blunt back without an answer either way.

act 4, scene 4
the Archbishop that helped Hotspur's camp is freaking out. he has heard about the army that the King has raised, and he thinks the King will win this battle. he feels that he's about to be in big trouble. when the King wins, he will be after the Archbishop next. the Archbishop is desperately trying to send out letters to save his butt.

Hotspur? really? you're more concerned about the battle than your father? NICE. this guy is going down.

can anyone help me with act 4, scene 2? i'm pretty lost.

act 4, scene 3 was a little weird. Hotspur goes on this rant about Henry. he talks forever and ever in classic Hotspur style. but then Blunt says one comment about peace and love and suddenly Hotspur says he has to take time to think about it. wasn't he just saying he was ready to fight like... 2 seconds ago? does he have an emotional imbalance, is he really a bit of a softy at heart, is he scared, or what? what do you think?

i just realized that i am completely ambivalent about who wins this battle. i don't care about Henry. i certainly don't care about Hotspur. i guess the only one i care about is Hal, but not exceedingly. ambivalence is probably not the feeling one hopes to feel about the main conflict in a play. hm... yikes.

quote of the day:
'no more, no more! worse than the sun in March
this praise doth nourish agues. let them come.
they come like sacrifices in their trim,
and to the fire-eyed maid of smoky war
all hot and bleeding will we offer them.'
   -Hotspur; act 4, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 5

-rebecca may

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