Monday, August 1, 2011

1 King Henry IV Act 2, Scenes 1-3


hey howdy hey lovely people. i got another jam packed day on my hands, but this time of fun stuff! i'm making some beignets, reading some Shakespeare, going to a LUSH party, and finishing my day with a tv date with my roommate. what could be sweeter? oh yeah, i get to spend the whole day with Sean. and what could be sweeter than that? it's rainiiiiing! i love storms. they're so soothing. yay. okay, reading time!

act 2, scene 1
Gadshill and Chamberlain plan their upcoming thievery. Chamberlain has heard of some people who will be travelling with a large sum of money who will be leaving soon. they agree to work together.

act 2, scene 2
Poins and Prince Hal have played a little joke on Falstaff by hiding his horse from him. he is frustrated and hilarious. Gadshill comes in and they discuss the upcoming thievery. Poins and Prince Hal go a different way, telling the rest of the thieves that they are doing so just in case the travelers escape. the travelers arrive and Falstaff robs them. they exit bound and Prince Hal and Poins come in and rob Falstaff.

act 2, scene 3
Hotspur has a letter urging him not to carry through his plans to overthrow the king. although the letter has a lot of good points, Hotspur won't listen to any of the advice. his wife, Kate enters. she is struggling to understand what is going on with her husband. he isn't himself at all. she tries to make him tell her what's going on, and he freaks out. (see quote below.) he backtracks, although he will not tell her what's going on. he leaves and promises he will have her follow the next day.

as for act 2, scene 1... WHAT?!?! i barely comprehended that scene at ALL. if i didn't have those footnotes, i would've been COMPLETELY lost. do people ever cut this scene? i wonder. in my last post i talked about how every scene felt so necessary and chock full of action and understandable, and BAM! very next scene is like WHA?!?

as for scene 2, i find it so interesting how the play changes when Falstaff is around. is it just me? the pace quickens, the flow changes, the play takes a little loop-de-loop. is anyone with me on this one? he gives the play character like none other. so interesting.

and on to scene 3 and Hotspur... he needs. to SHUT. UP. Hotspur is the perfect name for him. he disregards any opinion that challenges his own. he has zero patience. ignoring that letter will be his downfall. watch. as will talking too much and not listening enough. as will not listening to his wife. he like freaks out on her! i think Hotspur has a serious emotional imbalance. he should seek psychiatric help immediately. oh wait...

quote of the day:
away, you trifler! love? i love thee not;
i care not for thee, Kate. this is no world
to play with mammets and to tilt with lips.
we must have bloody noses and cracked crowns,
and pass them current too. gods me, my horse!
what sayst thou, Kate? what wouldst thou have with me?'
   -Hotspur; act 2, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 2, scene 4

-rebecca may

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