Sunday, July 31, 2011

1 Henry IV Act 1, Scene 3


hey there, people! i have to say, this play is shaping up to be a good'n. i've only just finished act 1 and i am dying to find out what happens in act 2. that's a good thing considering i need to make up for that lost time in June. perhaps i will read a little extraaa tomorrow! (look at me go!) if you haven't read this one, i'm telling you, pick it up. so good. check it out...

act 1, scene 3
King Henry tells Northumberland, Hotspur, etc. that he has been too soft, but he will not be any longer. he wants the hostages Hotspur took, and he wants them now. Hotspur explains what supposedly happened, claiming that the message Henry received was a lot more harsh than he intended it to be. he claims he was down and out in the battlefield with bodies lying all around him when some hoity toity noble pranced up to him demanding the hostages. he was just tired and impatient when he said no so rudely to him. King Henry isn't taking the bait. he points out that Hotspur is still not giving over the hostages, and is demanding the release of Mortimer from the Scots. he feels that Mortimer isn't worthy of being ransomed. Hotspur stands up for Mortimer saying that he fought hand to hand with Glendower (the Scottish guy who captured him) before he was captured. Henry doesn't believe that for a second. he demands the hostages, warning Northumberland to keep his son in check. Henry leaves, and as soon as he does, Hotspur starts talking crap about him. (see quote below.) Worcester comes in, and Hotspur tells him that he vows to help Mortimer, who just happens to be his brother-in-law. Worcester comments that they can't blame Henry for not wanting Mortimer around. Mortimer was, after all, proclaimed by Richard to be the rightful heir to the throne. Hotspur is outraged and he goes on and on about it. Worcester is trying to tell him something, but Hotspur won't shut up long enough to hear it. when he finally does settle down, Worcester lets him in on his plan to overthrow Henry. Hotspur and Northumberland will get the Archbishop (whose brother died because of Henry), the Scots, and Mortimer all rallied together. they will all meet up and overthrow Henry.

Hotspur needs to shut. up. his mouth is going to be the death of him, i swear. just listen for two seconds, you fool! mark my words, he's going down.

i'm a little confused about the plan. who is getting who? and what is Worcester doing? i am all kinds of confused. maybe it will all become clear as it actually happens? if it actually happens? it all just happened so fast! that's actually something i really like about this play so far- it's dense. and by dense, i mean that a lot happens in every scene. granted, i've only read 3 scenes so far, but the pace is great. i hope it stays like this. does it make the play harder to understand in performance? i wonder...

who will win this? Henry or Northumberland and co.? what do you think?

quote of the day:
'an if the devil come and roar for them
i will not send them. i will after straight
and tell him so, for i will ease my heart,
albeit i make a hazard of my head.'

for tomorrow: on to act 2, scenes 1-3

-rebecca may

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