Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Merchant fo Venice Act 3, Scenes 3-5


first of two days off! wahoo. i mean, of course i will end up spending all my time cleaning and working, but i'd rather do it at home than at work! right??? ok but for real there's a lot to do so let's hop to it!

act 3, scene 3
Shylock, Antonio, a jailer, and Solanio are on the streets of Venice. Antonio asks Shylock to hear his pleas, but Shylock will not. (see quote below.) Shylock leaves them and Antonio admits that he understands why Shylock wants him dead. Solanio thinks that the Duke won't let it happen, but Antonio understands that the Duke won't get in the way of the law.

act 3, scene 4
back in Belmont, Portia tells Lorenzo, Jessica, and Nerissa that she wants to be alone in prayer until Bassanio comes home. she and Nerissa will go to a convent. Portia asks Lorenzo and Jessica to watch over her people for her while she is away. they agree and go about their business. once they are gone, Portia sends her man Balthasar off to fetch some men's clothing from her uncle. he goes, and she admits to Nerissa that her plan is for them to go to Venice dressed as men to aid their husbands.

act 3, scene 5
Lancelot tells Jessica that he thinks she is damned for turning on her father. that is, unless her father isn't actually her father. Jessica is feeling pretty low until Lorenzo comes in to comfort her. Lancelot goes to make sure dinner is prepared and set, and Jessica tells Lorenzo how much she likes Portia.

booya! Antonio admits he understands! so is he also admitting that he consciously tried to screw up Shylock's business? also, do i have it straight- when someone owed Shylock money, Antonio would give it to the person (interest-free) so Shylock wouldn't gain the interest? that's Shylock's livelihood he's messing with! no wonder he's a miser. he never knows when Antonio is going to screw things up for him. i understand that i am saying this from the perspective of a society where gaining money from interest is very VERY common. in fact, it's expected. back then it wasn't yet. but still! Antonio admitted he was screwing with Shylock's business. while hurling racial slurs and spit at him. Antonio is no saint, no matter what Bassanio thinks.

why is Antonio so resigned? guilt? weariness? defeat? martyr syndrome?

what in the HECK is the point of act 3, scene 5? like... for real? each scene has moved so much until now.

quote of the day:
'i'll have my bond. speak not against my bond.
i have sworn an oath that i will have my bond.
thou calledst me dog before thou hadst a cause,
but since i am a dog, beware my fangs.
the Duke shall grant me justice.
   -Shylock; act 3, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 4!

-rebecca may

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