Monday, July 25, 2011

The Tragedy of King Richard Act 5, Scenes 3-6


so much to do! paper for ASTR, syllabus for Theatre History 3, thesis, clean, read a few plays, blog, etc.! gotta go gotta go!!!

act 5, scene 3
Henry is looking for his son, who is apparently some sort of miscreant boozing about London. Aumerle comes in, completely freaked out. he asks to speak with Henry alone, and Henry obliges. they close the door and lock it. Henry promises not to open the door for anything. Henry also promises Aumerle, who is begging forgiveness, that he will pardon him no matter what the problem is. a moment later, York comes knocking at the door yelling "traitor!" Henry freaks out and opens the door for him. York tells Henry to condemn Aumerle, while Aumerle begs forgiveness. the Duchess, wife of York and mother of Aumerle, comes to beg for Aumerle. everyone pleads with the king. ultimately, King Henry decides to pardon Aumerle. he will, however, persecute every other person who was trying to revolt against him.

act 5, scene 4
Pierce, Exton, and some others are distressed by Henry's distress. they vow to kill the man who is distressing him: Richard.

act 5, scene 5
King Richard is alone in his cell, wordily lamenting his fate. time is his enemy these days. he receives a couple of visitors before Exton and the others arrive. Richard puts up a serious fight, killing a couple of men. eventually, however, he is killed.

act 5, scene 6
Henry is sharing with York the downfalls of some of the English towns.Northumberland and Fitzwater also come to deliver news. Percy, however, arrives with Carlisle and the news that Abbott has killed himself. in a strange move, Henry tells Carlisle that he's letting him go to live a quiet and secret life. he considers Carlisle to be an honorable man. Exton comes in with the biggest news of all: Richard is dead. Henry has mixed emotions. (see quote below.) Henry plans to make a trip to the Holy Land 'to wash this blood off [his] guilty hand.'

Henry has a son? WHAT?!? when did that happen? his 'wanton and effeminate boy'. HA.

here's how i feel about some of these characters... York: moralistic and idealistic to the point that he is going to go DOWN soon. i predict it. Aumerle: he is one. lucky. bastard. he keeps evading consequences. Henry: he's a fool. he's no better than Richard. in fact, he might be worse.

so i'm a bit confused by the end of scene 5. what is it that Exton is feeling about the murder? i can't tell whether he is happy, regretful, or a combination thereof. what's going on there?

what the HELL is going on with Henry? he pardons Aumerle, has a bunch of others killed, pardons Carlisle, is happy that Richard is dead. what is up with him? he seems just as random as Richard was. what is going to happennnnn?

quote of the day:
'they love not poison that do poison need,
nor do i thee. though i did wish him dead,
i hate the murderer, love him murdered.
the guilt of conscience take thou for thy labor,
but neither my good word nor princely favor.
with Cain go wander through the shades of night,
and never show thy head by day nor light.'
   -King Henry; act 5, scene 6

for tomorrow: sonnets!

-rebecca may

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