Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sonnets 48-51


hola everyone! brace yourselves, it's another day of sonnets. and guess what starts tomorrow? Richard II! i am super stoked because i know absolutely nothing at all about the play or the Henry IV plays that follow. i do know and love Henry V which comes up right afterward, and i love that play! (and the Branagh film version.) so if that's any indication of what's to come, it's gonna be a great run! and holy crap, after this set there's only one history to go! crazy. anyway, it feels good to finally feel like i'm starting to conquer this beast. i can do it!

#48-the poet has gone on a journey, being very careful to make sure all of his possessions are secure from thieves. the one thing he forgot to lock away was his lover. (see quote below.) will his lover be safe until he returns?
#49- if his lover should be untrue to him, he wouldn't defend himself. he doesn't have any good reasons why she should love him. he's a little paranoid.
#50- his journey is long and hard. he feels a strange paradox: all he wants is for the trip to be over because he is so tired, but the closer he gets to his destination, the further he is from his love and his happiness.
#51- why should he travel quickly when his journey takes him far from her? on the way home is when he will use speed.

i'm getting more used to the sonnets, but i honestly can't yet say that i love them. i maintain that they would be better enjoyed one at a time rather than in blocks. and i wish i had someone to talk to about the sonnets. someone who knew more than me and/or has some insight to share. i feel like they would be more fun if we discussed them.

no real insight to offer. it's a light day for me in Shakespeare Land!

quote of the day:
'how careful was i, when i took my way,
each trifle under truest bars to thrust,
that to my use it might unused stay
from hands of falsehood, in sure wards of trust!
but thou, to whom my jewels trifles are,
most worthy comfort, now my greatest grief,
thou best of dearest and mine only care,
art left the prey of every vulgar thief.'
   -sonnet 48

for tomorrow: Richard II Intro Info!

13 plays, 4 poems, 51 sonnets down. 25 plays, 1 poem, 103 sonnets to go. yikes! it's time for Shakespeare overdrive!

-rebecca may

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