Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sonnets 52-56


you ever have one of those days where you plan to wake up at a normal time, but then you accidentally wake up at 1:30 in the afternoon? yeah, that was me today. and it's kind of thrown me off kilter all day. it's extra weird because i plan to wake up at 4am to make breakfast for Sean because he has to drive a few hours to take the MCAT in the morning. so i am all kinds of thrown off. and of course it;s a sonnet day! forgive me if i'm not totally with it today.

#52- the writer describes his love as a treasure that he holds in his chest as a rich man might hold his wealth in a safe.
#53- i have. NO. IDEA!!!
#54- just like roses live again in potpourri, love can live again in writing.
#55- (see quote below.) nothing outlives words. all things will die, but the writer's  love will live on in his poems.
#56- let love be renewed with each new encounter! even though you're full of love now, when you wake up tomorrow be hungry for it again as you are hungry for food.

sonnet 53?!? i have no idea what's going on. help!

sonnets 54 and 55 are scaring me! we spent so much time on this sentiment earlier on this year. i don't want to go back! i was getting SO sick of it. please no, Shakespeare!

i love sonnet 56. it's lovely. you should check it out. go!

i got nothing profound to say, but if you do, please share.

quote of the day:
'not marble nor the gilded monuments
of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme,
but you shall shine more bright in these contents
than unswept stone besmeared with sluttish time.'
   -sonnet 55

for tomorrow: Henry IV Part 1

-rebecca may

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