Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 Henry IV Intro Info


well, i was supposed to wake up today at 8:30am today to pick my family up from the airport with Sean and then celebrate his mom's birthday for work. unfortunately though, i woke up feeling verrrrry sick. so instead Sean had to go to the airport alone, go to his mom's alone, and come home to take care of me. and then take me to work. he is SO. GOOD. i don't know what i'd do without him. and right now he is fast asleep and i'd like to join him so let's get our blog on.

here's what i learned about 2 Henry IV today:
-apparently this play was written pretty directly after the first part. this was probably at least partially due to the fact that Falstaff was hugely popular and the public wanted more of him. i find that to be incredibly interesting. what was it about Falstaff that made him so popular for Elizabethan audiences? what do you think?
-the similarities between Henry IV parts 1 and 2 are numerous. in fact, these 2 or more alike than any other 2 plays in all of Shakespeare's canon. a couple of examples are: the use of character foils and the structural pattern of alternating political scenes and comedic scenes.
-look out for rumors and justice to play as a big device in this play.
-we see Prince Hal grow up in the last play, and in this play we will continue to see him come into his own. where do you think this play will take him?

for tomorrow: induction and act 1, scene 1

-rebecca may

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  1. So, I haven't read your blog in weeks. Between the intense 10 days I spent in DC, preparation before, recuperation afterward, catching up on the five blogs one of BFFs keeps last week, and attempting to stay afloat in my own life...

    Well, "[h]ere we are now. Entertain us!" Little by little, I plan to read the blogs I've missed, along with your daily posts, until I'm caught up - hopefully, before September.

    That said, Falstaff? Hmm...I've never given him any thorough study, partially because he has never especially caught my fancy. However, he has quite the fan club. I know Orson Welles was all about him. THE CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT. I always got the idea that people loved his raucous, bawdy ways, joy in drinking, and grounded wisdom. Perhaps, his fatherly affection for Prince Hal is a major factor, too.