Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Henry IV Induction and Act 1, Scene 1


yet another busy day! school clothes shopping with my cousin, training for teaching my classes at UCF, cleaning, and Shakespeare. not to mention planning a little surprise for my awesome Sean! bwa ha ha. so let's get er done! new day new play woot WOOT!!!

this character named Rumor introduces the play by telling us that rumors are flying throughout the country that the rebels have won the battle at the end of the last play. the truth is, of course, the opposite.

act 1, scene 1
Lord Bardolph (not to be confused with Falstaff's Bardolph) has come to see Northumberland, who is very ill. he delivers news from Shrewsbury that King Henry is severely wounded, Blunt and Prince Hal have been killed, and others are fled or prisoner. he did not see this for himself, but heard the news from a reliable source. Travers arrives to deliver very different news. he claims that Hotspur has died in battle. Bardolph and Northumberland are incredulous. Morton arrives, also with news. his story matches Travers'. he also reveals the rest of the truth: the rebels have lost, King Henry and Prince Hal are alive and well, Hotspur is dead, etc. Northumberland freaks. out. (see quote below.) Bardolph and Morton try to talk him off the ledge. Morton also delivers news that the Archbishop is on fire to fight. he's using his position to get soldiers on fire too. this eases Northumberland's mind as he gets ready to take action.

Induction? say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? that is the most random mess ever. first of all, why this reference to Virgil's Aeneid? why does this character exist? why does he give this speech? i have no clue. second of all, i don't understand why rumors and misinformation are flying around so rampantly. why would that happen? it doesn't make sense to me. i just don't get this induction thing at all. i would LOVE for someone to explain it to me. please and thank you!

i love the quote from Northumberland. it really prompted me to think. Shakespeare has an amazing way of saying something quite interesting in such a succinct and lovely way. love it!

nothing much to say yet. looking forward to seeing Prince Hal's journey develop even further.

quote of the day:
'for this i shall have time enough to mourn.
in poison there is physic; and these news,
having been well, that would have made me sick,
being sick, have in some measure made me well.
and as the wretch whose fever-weakened joints
like strengthless hinges buckle under life,
impatient of his fit, breaks like a fire
out of his keeper's arms, even so my limbs,
weakened with grief, being now enraged by grief,
are thrice themselves. hence, therefore, thou nice crutch!'
   -Northumberland; act 1, scene 1

for tomorrow: the rest of act 1!

-rebecca may

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