Monday, May 23, 2011

The Life and Death of King John Act 4, Scene 2


a week off from rehearsal? yes please! do i have to do work on my thesis? yes, i do. but i also get to sleep in, watch the last 3 episodes of Oprah live, go swimming in the afternoons, and celebrate my birthday all weekend long! whose life is this? i haven't done this since before grad school! and i am going to enjoy every single second of it.

act 4, scene 2
John is re-coronating himself in a few days now that he is home and it looks like England has defeated the French. John is acting all weird, and Salisbury and Pembroke request that Arthur be released. Hubert enters, and the news of Arthur's "death" is revealed. Pembroke and Salisbury are basically like-knew it! and they leave, turning their backs on John completely. John repents for a mere moment when a messenger enters. the messenger reveals several pieces of bad news: 1. the French have pulled together an army which is there and ready to fight 2. Eleanor, John's mother, is dead 3. Constance, Arthur's mother, has died "in a frenzy". the Bastard enters with even more bad news: the people of England are full of fear and a "prophet" has foreseen John's loss of power on the day of his coronation. John doesn't like that news, and orders the prophet be killed, and the Bastard after Pembroke and Salisbury to try to gain their loyalty back. Hubert enters, and John basically blames everything on him. Hubert reminds John that he was the one to write out the orders, but John continues to blame-shift. (see quote below.) in light of this, Hubert reveals that Arthur is actually alive. John half-heartedly apologizes and orders that they make the news known right away. they exit separately.

ugh. i can't believe what a blame shifter John is! i can't even believe that mess. i am SO MAD AT HIM. he's just ready to throw Hubert to the wolves. and then he tries to backpedal when he finds out Arthur is dead? oh PLEASE. and i was SO disappointed that we didn't get a response from Hubert at the end of the scene. i was waiting for that so hard core and it just didn't happen! if Hubert couldn't get back at John in words, i hope he does in deeds!
quote of the day:
'hadst thou but shook thy head or made a pause
when i spake darkly what i purposed,
or turned an eye of doubt upon my face,
as bid me tell my tale in express words,
deep shame had struck me dumb, made me break off,
and those thy fears might have wrought fears in me.
but thou didst understand me by my signs
and didst in signs again parley with sin,
yea, without stop didst let thy heart consent,
and consequently thy rude hand to act
the deed which both our tongues held vile to name.
out of my sight, and never see me more!
my nobles leave me, and my state is braved,
even at my gates, with ranks of foreign powers.'
   -King John

for tomorrow: act 4, scene 3

-rebecca may

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