Saturday, May 28, 2011



i'm a mega fail. sean has taken it upon himself to create a super duper weekend of funness to celebrate my birthday. and it's been AWESOME!!! but because of that, we have literally been gone all day every day. last night we got home at 5am, ok? luckily i was lucky enough to sneak some blogging in earlier in the day. today we went out right away to finally go to Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. again, it was awesome, but also awful because it's midnight and i just got home and we have to wake up at 7am and i am EXHAUSTED. i am going to read some Shakespeare and pass out hard core. between tomorrow and monday i have some SERIOUS catching up to do. here's the plan:

tonight: read sonnets 30-35

tomorrow: blog the end of king john, read the intro info for A Midsummer Night's Dream

monday: blog the sonnets, read a ton of Midsummer's, blog a ton of Midsummer's


i must be a good girl from now on or i will never make it through this! i can do it i CAN do it icandoiticandoiticandoit.

-rebecca may

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