Monday, May 16, 2011

The Life and Death of King John Intro Info


new day new play! i am so excited to read this play because i know absolutely NOTHING about it. so if any of you out there know anything about this play, please share! i am also excited because surprisingly, the histories have been my favorite so far. i never would've guessed that, but it's true. i am ready to dig in!

stuff i learned today:

-this play marks the transition between Shakespeare's style in his first tetralogy (the Henry VI, Richard III series) and his second tetralogy (the Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V series). it'll be interesting for us to note the changes from his first set of histories!

-the play centers around John, who has claimed the throne because his brother, the king who has just passed away, will it to be so. the "rightful" successor to the crown is Arthur, a young boy who has no interest in the crown. the uncertainties that surround this situation and the situations that develop are what make up our story.

-in other writings of this same subject, authors have either heavily sided with John or with the church (Arthur is rightful heir). apparently, Shakespeare takes a very balanced view to the situation. we will have to check that out along the way too.

-also, look out for Philip, the Bastard. his character is largely fictional, but is important to the play. he is an outsider, just like us, the audience. we are meant to see the situation partly through his eyes. how will this slant our view of the situation, if at all?

-as far as i can tell, there is only one film version of the play, which was made in the 80's. i will let you know if i can get my hot little hands on a copy and how it is if i do!

thanks for reading!

for tomorrow: act 1

-rebecca may

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