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The Taming of the Shrew Act 2, Scene 1


sad day! Sean worked a double today so he couldn't read with me today. and sadder still? he works a double again tomorrow so i will have to read alone agaaaaaiiin! and now i have to catch him up on two days of reading. booo! the good news is that the play's still awesome! woo!

act 2, scene 1
Katharina drags Bianca in with her hands tied, demanding that she tell her which of her suitors she loves the most. Bianca insists that she loves none of them, but Katharina doesn't believe her. Katharina hits her, and their father, Baptista, comes in. he tries to break up the fight, but to no avail. only sending Bianca out of the room will save her from Katharina's wrath. Katharina leaves in a huff, and Gremio, Lucentio (as schoolmaster), Petruchio, Hortensio (as musician), Tranio (as Lucentio), and Biondello enter. Petruchio asks after Katharina and presents Hortensio (as teacher) as his offering to Baptista, calling him Litio. Baptista is wary, but Petruchio reassures him that he is of a good background and has good intentions. Gremio then presents Lucentio (as teacher) to Baptista, calling him Cambio. finally, Tranio puts his name in the hat as a suitor to Bianca, offering a lute and books. Baptista sends the "teachers" off to Bianca and Katharina. Petruchio presses Baptista to make haste with his arrangements with Katharina, but Baptista wants to give them time to fall in love. Petruchio insists that that will happen over time. Hortensio enters 'with his head broke'. (see quote below.) Hortensio has failed miserably with Katharina, and Petruchio is loving it. finally, Petruchio and Kate have some time alone. the dialogue between them is fast, witty, and sharp. he teases her mercilessly, and she comes back at him at every turn. he tells her that she will be his wife just as everyone else re-enters. Petruchio tells Kate that he will 'tame her' and she is seriously ticked off. Petruchio announces that Sunday is the wedding day, and lies to everyone, telling them that when they were alone Kate showed him love and kindness. that pair of lovers leaves and Gremio and Tranio (as Lucentio) argue over who will be allowed to woo Bianca. Tranio/Lucentio turns out to have the better offer of lands and goods, but his father is still alive. if he were to die before his father, Bianca wouldn't inherit. in order to win the right to woo Bianca, Tranio/Lucentio must receive consent from Lucentio's father to sign over all of his land and belongings to Lucentio while he is still alive. Gremio is pretty happy about this, thinking that no father would ever do it. Tranio plots to cheat his way through this task.

so does Kate just hate Bianca because she's young and beautiful and their father loves her more? or is there something deeper? does Kate perceive Bianca's whole sweet and innocent thing to be an act? IS it an act? hmmm...

i died when it said Hortensio entered 'with his head broke'. and i died even more when i read the footnotes that explained that that means his head was 'emerging through a broken lute'. BAhahahaha. that kills me.

questions: is Petruchio attracted to Kate at all? or is it really all for the money? is Kate attracted to Petruchio at all? is it even partially an act that she hates him? or is she so programmed to hate that she can't even see how awesome their battling is? when i read the scene between the two of them, it felt super sexually charged. just me?

and how is Lucentio going to get away with the Lucentio/Tranio switch? hmm...

quote of the day:
Baptista: what, will my daughter prove a good musician?
Hortensio: i think she's sooner provide a soldier.
                iron may hold with her, but never lutes.
Baptista: why then, thou canst not break her to the lute?
Hortensio: why, no, for she hath broke the lute to me.


for tomorrow: act 3, scenes 1 and 2

-rebecca may

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