Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Taming of the Shrew Inductions 1 and 2


today was epic. last day of Writes of Spring and my first official night of summer! aaaand Sean started reading Shakespeare with me today! whaaat?!?!?! i'm pretty sure he has never read Shakespeare before, so it's a red letter day in our household.

okay, so basically the inductions set up the play within a play. Sly is a drunkard who passes out onstage. a Lord comes in and decides to play a trick on him for no reason in particular. he sends Sly up to his (the Lord's) room while Sly's passed out, with all of the Lord's people attending on him. when Sly wakes up, they go on and on to convince him that he's not a poor drunk, but a wealthy lord who's been mad these past 15 years. Sly, of course, ends up falling for it. a troop of players comes in, hired by the true Lord, to present a play for Sly. and the play begins.

as amusing as this is, do we need it? i have never seen this play produced, although i know it is produced quite frequently. do people usually cut the inductions for the sake of clarity and/or time? i am super intrigued to find out. i'm not trying to seem ignorant, i'm just wondering!

i am so excited to read this play with my Sean! find a reading partner and read along!

for tomorrow: act 1, scene 1

-rebecca may

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