Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Taming of the Shrew Act 3, Scene 1


happy mother's day! i have spent my day so far watching Harry Potter 1-5 with my mama, cooking for her, and having a glorious day all around. the only thing that wasn't spectacular was not having Seany to read with again! so i decided to only read one scene instead of 2 so i could have more to read with him later this week. also, Harry Potter has kept me very busy. DUH.

let's do it! act 3, scene 1
Hortensio and Lucentio, disguised as teachers, vie for Bianca's attention. Hortensio argues that Lucentio should let Bianca spend time with him first to practice music. Lucentio argues that music is meant to refresh the minds of people AFTER they study. Bianca interrupts their little fight, reminding them that she gets to decide what she will do. she tells Hortensio to tune his instrument while she studies and then she will work with him. (see quote below.) while Hortensio tunes off to the side, Lucentio reveals his true intentions to Bianca. Bianca, however, plays coy and tells him that she does not know him well enough yet to consider him. Hortensio is growing suspicious, so interrupts their lesson to start his own. Lucentio steps aside, but he is also growing suspicious. Hortensio also reveals his true intentions to Bianca, but she seems not to like his antics one bit. a servant comes in and bids Bianca off to get ready for Katharina's wedding. she leaves and so Lucentio leaves too. Hortensio, alone, proclaims that if Bianca cheats on him, he will get even with her by cheating too.

is Hortensio DELUSIONAL? i think he must be. what is he thinking? i mean, he doesn't actually say 'cheating', but the idea is that she would give a crap if he showed attention to another woman. seriously? he is delusional. there is no way she would care at all! he acts like they're together, but they are definitely not. and i'm pretty sure she was kind of sort of flirting with Lucentio a little bit. oh Hortensio. you are lost.

my only other question is this: is Bianca coyly playing the game? or is she truly innocent and naive? i truly can't tell. here is my guess right now, and we can keep guessing as we go... i think we are meant to think she is sweet and innocent, but she's really playing that game. i mean, Katharina hates her for a reason (i think) and i think her deceptiveness might be part of it. also, her sister is really smart, which leads me to believe that Bianca might be too smart to be as silly as she appears to be. hm... we shall see!

quote of the day:
Bianca: take you your instrument, play you the whiles;
            his lecture will be done ere you have tuned.
Hortensio: you'll leave his lecture when i am in tune?
Lucentio: that will be never. tune your instrument.

hahaha Lucentio is sassy. i like it.

for tomorrow: act 3, scene 2 and act 4, scene 1

-rebecca may

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