Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act 5, Scenes 1-3


so... i slept til 3pm today... yeah. i think that's what happens when you push PuSh PUSH yourself for months, then stay up til 5am finishing a paper and typing up rehearsal notes, and then go to bed without setting an alarm for yourself. yup that's what happens. i thought i was going to play video games all day as my day of rest, but my day of rest was spent resting instead! and it's almost rehearsal time! EEP!

act 5, scene 1
Sir Eglamour and Sylvia meet, and Sylvia fears she is being followed. they head off into the forest.

act 5, scene 2
Thurio, Proteus, and Julia disguised as Sebastian enters. Thurio asks Proteus what Sylvia has said about him, and Proteus lies through his teeth about it. Proteus didn't try to woo Sylvia for Thurio, he tried to woo her for himself! He makes up a bunch of lies about what she's said about him until the Duke enters. the Duke asks them if he has seen his daughter, which they of course have not. the Duke tells them that she has fled to find Valentine and asks them to help him find her. they all agree, although Thurio seems pretty much over Sylvia by now, and exit for the forest.

act 5, scene 3
Sylvia has been captured in the forest by the outlaws. while one of them takes her to their leader (Valentine), the rest head off to capture Eglamour who has run off.

things were pretty much straight to the point today!

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