Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Taming of the Shrew Act 4, Scene 1


okay, here's the situation. i am at Fort Wilderness with Sean celebrating our 3 year anniversary! yay! we read our Shakespeare tonight whilst bugs flew around and on our book. it's so buggy and gross out here and i can't look at my book without turning the lamp on. and i can't turn the lamp on without attracting a zillion bugs. and i need the book to write the blog. AND i'm attempting to write my blog on my phone, which is super tricky. moral of the story: i will write it when we get home on Thursday. good night!


act 4, scene 1
Grumio enters Petruchio's house ahead of Petruchio and Kate to prep the fire and the servants. one of the servants, Curtis, enters trying to get the news out of Grumio. they battle it back and forth for a bit before Grumio learns the fire is already lit and the servants enter, disheveled. just then, Petruchio enters. he is really ticked off that the servingmen weren't ready at the door to cater to his every need. he and Kate sit sit down to dinner, and Petruchio proceeds to be a complete JERK to the servants. Kate tries to convince him to stop, but he won't, eventually throwing meat at them. Petruchio takes Kate off to bed, and then re-emerges to proclaim his soon-to-be victory over her. (see quote below.) he will starve her and deprive her of sleep until she bends to his will.

i can hear the sighs and see the eyes rolling now, but Petruchio's stunts aren't very funny to me. spousal abuse and mind games! yay! in this day and age, it just feels a little socially irresponsible to portray this as funny. i know i KNOW the objections, but that is how i feel on a personal level.

quote of the day:
'thus have i politicly begun my reign,
and 'tis my hope to end successfully.
my falcon now is sharp and passing empty,
and till she stoop she must not be full-gorged,
for then she never looks upon her lure.
another way i have to man my haggard,
to make her come and know her keeper's call:
that is, to watch her, as we watch these kites
that bate and beat and will not be obedient.
she ate no meat today, nor none shall she eat.
last night she slept not, nor tonight she shall not.'

for tomorrow: act 4, scene 2

-rebecca may

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