Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act 5, Scene 4


i am the worst blogger ever. Writes of Spring is consuming my life! i barely make it through meals, reading my Shakespeare, and showering! i mean, technically i AM writing my blogs, just not complete and good ones! Writes of Spring is almost coming to a close so reading and blogging can be more of a focus. anyway, let's get 'er done!

act 5, scene 4
Valentine is in the woods, and Proteus, Sylvia, and Julia (disguised as Sebastian) enter. Proteus, as usual, is pleading with Sylvia. she continues to make it clear that she's not into him, and he continues to beg for her attention. Sylvia swears her love for Valentine and proceeds to rip Proteus a new one. (see quote below.) Proteus

quote of the day:
'when Proteus cannot love where he's beloved.
read over Julia's heart, thy first, best love,
for whose dear sake thou did'st then rend thy faith
into a thousand oaths, and all those oaths
descended into perjury, to love me.
thou hast no faith left now, unless thou'dst to,
and that's far worse than none. better have none
than plural faith, which is to much by one.
thou counterfeit to thy true friend!'

8 plays, 4 poems, 17 sonnets down. 30 plays, 1 poem, 137 sonnets to go!

for tomorrow: Sonnets 17-23!

-rebecca may

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