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The Taming of the Shrew Act 4, Scenes 3 - 5


back on the right track here! i got two blogs finished tomorrow, and i will do two tonight and tomorrow to get all caught up. wahoo! camping + the Blogger website being down all day = extra work for me now. can i do it? yes i can! and then finish my night with housework galore. hurrah summer?

act 4, scene 3
Katharina is talking to Grumio about her marital problems. she is starving and sleep deprived, and all Grumio does is tease her. Petruchio enters and makes matters even worse, cruelly teasing her. Petruchio reveals that they will be returning to her home town of Padua, and tailors arrive with new clothes for Kate. she tries to express her feelings about the clothes, but he shoots her down. (see quote below.) although Katherine loves the clothes, Petruchio claims that they are awful (to further mess with her) and sends the tailors away. Petruchio insists they will go to Padua in the old clothes they have. Petruchio begins to severely mess with Kate's mind, forcing her to agree to things even if they are clearly untrue.

act 4, scene 4
Tranio (as Lucentio), the merchant (as Vincentio), Baptista, Biondello, and Lucentio (as Cambio) all meet up. the match is done between "Lucentio" and Bianca, and they will finish the arrangements at Lucentio's home. everyone leaves except Lucentio and Biondello. and... i'm not really sure what's going on between them.

act 4, scene 5
Petruchio, Kate, and Hortensio are on a road to Padua and Petruchio continues to force Kate to agree with him, even if he spouts obvious lies, such as the fact that the sun is the moon. the real Vincentio enters, and Petruchio calls him a woman. some hilarious confusion ensues. as it turns out, Vincentio is on his way to Padua and Petruchio, not knowing that he doesn't know, spills the beans about Lucentio getting married to Bianca. Vincentio is a little flabbergasted, and continues on with them to Padua.

is this clothing scene meant to be similar to the way it was done in the movie with Liz Taylor? it's a little hard to understand what it's supposed to be. so he's showing her all these beautiful clothes, saying they're ugly, and ripping them apart or sending them away? or what?

somebody help me with act 4, scene 4! i'm pretty lost! sean and i just looked at each other and shrugged.

i loved the whole bit in scene 5 when they first run into Vincentio. i literally laughed out loud when Petruchio is calling him a woman and whatnot. yeah, he's exerting his power over her, but it's in a much less abusive and much more comedic than what we saw in the previous scenes. pure comedy. hilarious. check it out.

quote of the day:
'why, sir, i trust i may have leave to speak,
and speak i will. i am no child, no babe.
your betters have endured me say my mind,
and if you cannot, best you stop your ears.
my tongue will tell the anger of my heart,
or else my heart, concealing it, will break.
and rather than it shall, i will be free
even to the uttermost, as i please, in words.'

for tomorrow: act 5, scene 1

-rebecca may

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