Monday, May 30, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream Intro Info


okay. i can do this. i do not love this play, but my mind is open to this experience. i will learn and grow and find things to love. can do!

here's what i learned today about our play today from David Bevington:
-this play is a transitional comedy for Shakespeare. we will see him move from a more simplistic, "imitative" comedy toward something more romantic and "philosophical". it is still lighthearted, but moves in the direction of his more sophisticated work.
-we will see "contrasting worlds of social order and imaginative escape". this theme of contrast will be common in Shakespeare's work from here on out. fairies and mortals together brings up the themes of illusion or escape and reality.
-there are 4 interweaving plots (this i knew) that all come from four different sets of source material (this i did not know). these sources range from the classics Shakespeare grew up with to contemporary texts. each plot has one or more pair of lovers, and each has its own set of struggles.
-while Shakespeare does borrow from Roman comedy, he departs in the classical convention that a young girl must choose (as we saw in Taming of the Shrew) between an old, rich suitor and a young suitor that her family does not approve of. in this play, the lovers are of equal social standing.their struggles come not from class, but from their own emotional situations and seemingly arbitrary parental disapproval.

i plan to watch the film version of Midsummer's that i own- the one with Kevin Kline. woot woot. if anyone knows of another version that's good, please let me know!

for tomorrow: act 1, scenes 1 and 2

-rebecca may

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