Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Intro Info


new play! new play! i have vague recollections of a movie with Alicia Silverstone? yeah, i don't really remember. so i basically have a blank slate here, which is pretty cool.

here's what i'm excited about:
-the roles of Berowne and Rosaline foreshadow Beatrice and Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing. that's my favorite comedy, and i love those characters, so that bodes well for me!
-David Bevington says, 'hypocritical defiance of love is doomed to comic failure and satirical punishment.' sounds good!
-apparently, the ending is unresolved. that's kind of cool! does that mean no weddings? no overthrowing of royal power? no deaths? i'm not sure what it means, but i'm pretty stoked to find out.
-the plot isn't derived from any known literary source. some historians believe it was based on some topical gossip and goings on of Shakespeare's time. that might be cool to investigate! was Shakespeare being super controversial?

here's what i'm not as excited about:
-according to David Bevington, 'this play is word conscious and stylistically mannered to an extent that is unusual even for the pun-loving Shakespeare.' also, 'the stylistic self-consciousness makes for labored reading at times...' yikes. i'm scared!!! is this one of those plays that should be seen not read?
also, 'little seems to happen... fast-moving plot is replaced by a structure that includes a series of debates on courtly topics...' yikes yikes. even harder to understand?
-4 girls and 13 boys.

we'll see how it goes, right? i really hope you will follow along!

-rebecca may


  1. I liked this play when I read it in the mid-nineties. Often I want to cloister myself away somewhere to better dedicate myself to scholarship. Of course, like these libidinous young people, I have my own wayward tendencies that distract me from my purpose.