Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Richard III: Act 4, Scene 5 and Act 5, Scenes 1 & 2


bear with me. i am in the car, driving from Tennessee to New Jersey. my computer is buried somewhere, so i'm typing this on my phone. also, the Internet is spotty. so who knows how successful i will be in posting this. the good news is that Seany is feeling better! yay! AND we are driving with my best friend and her husband to see our other best friend and HER husband and kids and new baby girl! hurray!

in other news, this play continues to be freaking fantastic. ready? ok. go!

act 4, scene 5
Stanley sends a message to Richmond that he can't meet up with him just yet because Richard has his son. in better news, Elizabeth has agreed to marry her daughter to Richmond. Stanley will meet up with him as soon as possible.

act 5, scene 1
Buckingham is lead to execution, begging to speak to Richard to no avail. Buckingham realizes that Margaret was right all along. (see quote below.)

act 5, scene 2
Richmond calls together his army to fight Richard the tyrant. he has many men on his side and is sure he will gain many more from Richards side as they go.

ok first of all, another one added to Richard's death list!!! Buckingham! i mean, he kinda deserved it, but still... that's 8 full out because of Richard, one questionable (Anne?), and one contributed to (Edward). oh i can't wait to get back to him. i'm sure he's really losing it now.

and Stanley! he had me fooled! and had Richard fooled too! i thought he was on Richard's side since he left his son with him. i literally gasped when i read that. the fun never ends!

so excited to read the last few scenes. Richard is SO gonna get his.

quote of the day:
'thus Margaret's curse falls heavy on my neck:
"when he," quoth she, "shall split thy heart with sorrow,
remember Margaret was a prophetess."
come lead me, officers, to the block of shame.'
-Buckingham; act 5, scene 1

For tomorrow: act 5, scene 3

-Rebecca may

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