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Titus Andronicus Act 5, Scene 1


cleaning. cleaning. and cleaning some more. researrrrch paperrrrrr. other homework i haven't even thought to start yettt. and home alone. gah. so let's get to Shakespeare so i can get back to cleaning. yay.

act 5, scene 1
Lucius is marching to Rome with an army of Goths. he has received a letter from Roman citizens proclaiming their hatred for Saturninus and willingness to fight with Lucius. and apparently they are ready to bring Tamora down too. a random soldier comes in with Aaron. he was off exploring and found him and the baby. Lucius wants to hang him and the baby ('first hang the child, that he may see it sprawl.'), but Aaron makes a deal with him; he will give Lucius some intel if Lucius swears not to kill the baby. after some negotiating, Lucius agrees. and then Aaron tells him EVERYTHING. and i mean everything. he tells him all about how Bassianus was killed and Lavinia mutilated and Titus was ground down to a pulp. he even tells him that he laughed when he saw Titus with his sons' heads. he tells him who is responsible for what, and Lucius gets so ticked off. Aaron even brags about other bad things he's done. (see quote below.) he goes on and on til Lucius has him gagged. Lucius decides that hanging isn't enough punishment for Aaron, and decides to take him along to Rome. meanwhile, a messenger enters requesting a parley at Titus' house. Lucius accepts and heads that way.

question number one: why do Romans hate Saturninus so much? is it just because he killed Titus' sons? and they love Titus? or is there something else there that i am missing? do they hate Tamora too?

which brings me to my second question: why do the Goths hate 'cursed Tamora'? i thought she longed for home and loved her people? did i mess that one up terribly too? it says in the footnotes: 'the play permits us to speculate as to why Tamora was not popular in her own country.' not helpful.

which brings me to my third question: why do the Goths want to persecute Aaron, one of their people, when they don't know what he's done until he tells them?

and my last question: so Aaron does not love Tamora? because he just got her in a world of trouble. is he capable of love? does he love his child? check out the quote of the day. he's pretty darn evil. i wish i knew what made him this way. like in Richard III, it's explained. in this, so far, Aaron is just a bad guy with a soft spot only for his son. it's so much more interesting when you know the back story of the villain.

death, mutilation, and rape tolls remain.

quote of the day:
'oft have i digged up dead men from their graves
and set them upright at their dear friends' door,
even when their sorrows almost was forgot,
and on their skins, as on the bark of trees,
have with my knife carved with Roman letters,
"let not your sorrow die, though i am dead."
but i have done a thousand dreadful things
as willingly as one would kill a fly,
and nothing grieves me heartily indeed
but that i cannot do ten thousand more.'
   -Aaron; act 5, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 5, scene 2

-rebecca may

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  1. As a Moor, Aaron is not one of the Goths. They probably conquered his people, which led to his servitude to their queen.