Friday, March 4, 2011

Richard III: Act 3, Scene 1


today was my first day completely 'off' since... early December? and i think i got more accomplished than i have in months! i had a phone interview (fingers crossed), cleaned the house, packed, moved around some stuff, cooked, watched some House with Sean... tons of stuff. and i am still going strong! wahoo! i am ready for tomorrow. God willing, we will pick up our Prius and finally start out on day one of our Epic Spring Break Road Trip of '11! WOO!

in not-as-good-news, i have to say that my level of comprehension of this section was not terribly high. maybe someone can help?!?! here we go:
   (Prince Edward, Richard, Buckingham, etc. enter.)
Buckingham: welcome, Prince Edward, to London!
Richard: God keep you from the 'false friends' who will try to work against you.
Edward: i have no false friends. (the Mayor enters.) i thought my mother and brother would be here. (Hastings enters.)
Hastings: i don't know why, but your mother and brother have taken sanctuary. your brother would've come, but your mother made him stay.
Buckingham: Cardinal, go persuade the Queen to send Edward's brother, the Duke of York. if you can't persuade her, just take him.
Cardinal: i will try, but if she won't give him up, i must obey the sanctity of sanctuary.
Buckingham: oh, just do it. it's fine!
   (Hastings and Cardinal exit.)
Edward: where shall we go until the coronation?
Richard: if you'll take my advice, i think you should spend a few days at the Tower of London for your health and safety.
Edward: i don't like the Tower. (see quote below.)
   (York, Hastings, and Cardinal enter.)
Edward: brother, how are you?
York: not so great now that i have to call you 'my Lord'.
Edward: yes, i am grieving too.
   [this is the portion during which i am confused.]
Richard: York, come with us to the Tower. i will get your mother.
York: why are you going to the Tower?
Edward: Richard advises it.
York: i don't think i will like it there. i fear Uncle Clarence's ghost.
Edward: i know, but come on, let's go.
   (Edward, York, Hastings, and Cardinal exit.)
Buckingham: come here, Catesby. go find Hastings. ask him to come to the Tower tomorrow to sit in council on the coronation. if he is unwilling and cold, let us know. we will hold our own council at Crosby house.
Richard: (i think he's saying...) talk to him. tell him his enemies (or his friends?) will be bled tomorrow. and tell him to give his mistress, Jane Shore, a gentle kiss in happiness for this news.
   (Catesby exits.)
Buckingham: what do we do if Hastings isn't on our side?
Richard: chop off his head.

lines 101-135 are really confusing me. also, lines 160-the end. can anyone help?

when are people going to stop taking Richard's advice? i mean dammmmmn he is good. i can't wait for his tracks to show. i can't believe he has gotten away with so much already. let's see: Clarence's imprisonment and death, the arrest of Grey and Rivers, and now this stuff with the boys, to say the least. and maybe, within the context of this play, he can be partially to blame for Edward's death by bringing him more and more grief that exhausted an already sick man? i mentioned last time or the time before that i thought he would have to kill Edward's sons. i totally forgot about Clarence's son and daughter! what will happen to all of those children? plus God knows who else? ah! i can't wait to find out!!!

quote of the day:
'an if i live until i be a man,
i'll win our ancient right in France again
or die a soldier, as i lived a king.'
     -Edward; act 3, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 3, scenes 2-6

-rebecca may

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