Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Richard III: Act 2, Scene 1


a car, a car, my kingdom for a car! the infernal car shopping continues. i loathe it utterly. i just want a freaking car. i want it to be simple. and over with. and not skeezy. it's completely frustrating and tiring. i'm just trying to remember that when it is all said and done, it will be such a relief. and the reward will be all the sweeter for having worked so hard for it. kind of like this blog. it's really hard sometimes to do it, but when i look back i will be so happy i did. i just gotta keep moving forward.

here's another taste of Richard's craziness:
   (Edward and the whole royal crew except for Richard and Ratcliffe, and obviously Clarence.)
Edward: 'now have i done a good day's work.' i have joined all of my friends in friendship once more. Rivers and Hastings, swear your friendship to each other. (they do so.) Hastings and Elizabeth, you're next. (they do so.) Hastings and Dorset. vow your friendship to one another. (they do.) now Buckingham and my wife and her allies. be all united. (they vow.) now all we need is Richard.
   (Richard and Ratcliffe enter.)
Richard: hello everyone! what a great day!
Edward: it is a great day. we have all come together as friends.
Richard: sounds good to me. (see quote below.)
Elizabeth: Richard, get Clarence so we can all make up with him as well.
Richard: what? what have i done that you would mock me like this? doesn't everyone know? Clarence is dead. (all react.)
Edward: he's dead? the order to kill him was reversed.
Richard: they only got the first order, and killed him based on that. it was a cripple who had the second order. he couldn't make it in time. it's his fault.
   (Stanley enters.)
Stanley: help me, Edward. my servant accidentally killed a man today who was acting out violently. please pardon his death.
Edward: i could've pardoned Clarence, but i didn't. how can i pardon a slave when i couldn't even save my own brother? who begged me to save him just as Stanley begs to save his servant? no one! no one would speak for Clarence. (Edward, Elizabeth, and some others exit.)
Richard: did you see the guilty looks on the faces of Elizabeth's kinsmen? they still wanted Clarence dead, and urged Edward to do it.

what really kills me about this scene is that Richard comes in and he's perfectly happy. no trace of sadness. then 40 lines later he announces that Clarence is dead. does no one wonder why he was so happy just a few lines ago if his brother is now dead? hello! warning signs.

so that's one down, how many to kill? well, Edward has to go. Edward has 2 sons, i think, that will have to go. who else might be in the way? will he get rid of Elizabeth? Margaret? Hastings? what do you think? the title kind of gives it away. we know he will become king. but who else will suffer along the way? and how? and how sneaky will he have to be to cover his tracks? and who will be on to him? ah! this play is so good. i can't wait to find out!!!

quote of the day: (get ready to laugh)
'a blessed labor, my sovereign lord,
among this princely heap, if any here,
by false intelligence, or wrong surmise,
hold me a foe;
if i unwittingly, or in my rage,
have aught committed that is hardly borne
by any in this presence, i desire
to reconcile me to his friendly peace.
'tis death to me to be at enmity;
i hate it, and desire all good men's love.'
     -Richard; act 2, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 2, scenes 2-4

-rebecca may

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying this one. I knew you would - it's not as broad as the Henry plays with the focus on one character.