Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Richard III: Act 1, Scene 4


how crazy is life? i sped around all day to get to classes and do homework and have meetings. and then i spent all this time researching cars and stressing about the '05 Prius vs. the '07 and what we can afford and what will service us best long term. and i was go! go! go! all day long. and then, i had a lovely couple of hours with my beautiful friend Robin Eskin. and the pace slowed and things became more real, more down-to-earth, more centered. it's exciting how a good friend can bring you back to your core, isn't it? car shopping and homework and blogs and everyday hullabaloo can feel so silly when you look into the eyes of a true friend and find ultimate truth. i am blessed.

if only Richard had some real friends! LOL. we discussed Zoo Story and Beckett in Avant-Garde today. connection. who can connect? who can't? why? on what level? interesting stuff. for me, it all comes back to Shakespeare and the human connection. who has that connection and who doesn't and how does it manifest? how does the human connection affect these characters? what do you think?

act 1, scene 4: a sad day.
   (in the Tower of London)
Keeper: what's wrong?
Clarence: i had the most terrible dream. i had escaped from the tower and was travelling with my brother, Richard. he stumbled, and it knocked me overboard. it was so painful to drown! i passed into the underworld and met with Warwick and all of the other ghosts from my past.they howled and cried, and wouldn't leave me alone. i couldn't believe it. i was in hell. i have done terrible things for Edward, and see how he repays me? (see quote below.) (Clarence falls asleep. Murderers enter.)
Brackenbury: why are you? and why are you here?
Second Murderer: let him see our orders. (they hand them over and Brackenbury reads them.)
Brackenbury: he's sleeping there. i will leave to see the king. (he exits.)
Second: should i stab him now, while he's sleeping?
First: no, it is cowardly to do that. are you scared?
Second: i'm not scared to kill him, but i am scared to be damned for killing him.
First: remember the reward you will get when we are finished.
Second: oh yeah. i had forgotten the reward.
First: where's your conscience now?
Second: in Gloucester's wallet. and if i find my conscience again, i will ignore it. it ruins everything good.
First: sh. he's waking up.
Second: let's strike now!
First: no, let's reason with him.
Clarence: who sent you here? why? to murder me? how have i offended you?
First: you offended the king, not us.
Clarence: he and i will make amends again. what you are doing will damn you forever.
First: we are doing what has been commanded of us.
Second: and our commander is our king.
Clarence: your king? well, your king of kings commands not to murder.
First: and you have broken that vow yourself. haven't you?
Clarence: but i did it for Clarence's sake! he is as deep in sin as i am! if you need money, go to my brother Richard. he will give you money for not killing me.
Second: 'you are deceived. your brother Gloucester hates you.'
First: Richard is the one who sent us to kill you.
Clarence: it can't be.
Second: it can. make your peace with God.
Clarence: those who told you to do this will eventually punish you for doing this.
Second: what do we do?
Clarence: stop now. your souls will be saved. be on my side. pity me.
Second: look behind you. (First Murderer stabs him.)
First: take that! and if that doesn't work, i will drown you.
Second: oh God. i wish i could wash my hands of this foul deed.
First: i will tell Richard what a wimp you were.
Second: take the reward. i repent for my part in this.
First: i don't.

it just occurred to me how intense this scene is. or could be. like, i can see this being played on a relatively surface level, but i can also see it HARD CORE. this scene is scary. roller coaster! i would love to see it legit intense. what would it feel like to murder someone? to know you're about to be murdered? try to talk your way out of being murdered? crazy.

quote of the day:
'ah, keeper, keeper, i have done things,
that now give evidence against my soul,
for Edward's sake, and see how he requites me!
o God! if my deep prayers cannot appease thee,
but thou wilt be avenged on my misdeeds,
yet execute thy wrath in me alone!
o, spare my guiltless wife and my poor children!
keeper, i prithee, sit by me awhile.
my soul is heavy, and i fain would sleep.'
     -Clarence; act 1, scene 4

for tomorrow: act 2, scene 1

-rebecca may

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