Monday, February 28, 2011

Richard III: act 1, scene 3


last show of Vinegar Tom? check. visit to my grandma? check. Oscars? check. wishing Annette Bening had finally won, but happy for Christian Bale and Colin Firth. also the PSD (post-show depression) is setting in. *sigh* escape into Shakespeare time!

act 1, scene 3
   (Elizabeth and her father, Lord Grey, enter with Rivers and Dorset.)
Rivers: don't worry. his majesty will be better soon.
Grey: you make him worse with all your worrying. be more comforting to him!
Elizabeth: what will happen to me when he dies?
Grey: you have a loving son to live for.
Elizabeth: but he will be in the charge of Richard, and Richard does not love us.
   (Buckingham and Derby enter.)
Stanley: we have just visited the king. he seems to be doing better.
Buckingham: he wants to reconcile Richard and your brothers, Elizabeth.
   (Richard enters.)
Richard: who is complaining to the king about me? you do me wrong! i am a simple man. i'm not full of flattery, but that doesn't make me a villain! when i have done wrong to any of you? Elizabeth, you keep complaining in his ear!
Elizabeth: i do not. the king comes to his own conclusions about you. you're just jealous of me. i pray to God that i never need you.
Richard: my bother is in prison because of you. we are all disgraced, while your family and friends get all the promotions.
Elizabeth: you're a liar. in fact, i tried to help Clarence. i am sick of your accusations. i will tell Edward what you're doing. i'd rather be a 'country servant maid' than life as a queen in these conditions.
   (Margaret enters.)
Richard: are you seriously threatening me? go ahead. tell him. i've been here a lot longer than you, sweetheart. i seem to remember a time when you and your family were loyal to the Lancaster house. i've always been loyal to the Yorks.
Rivers: listen, Richard. in those days, a Lancaster was king. we were loyal to our king, not to the house of Lancaster. we'd be loyal to you if you were our king.
Richard: me? pff! i don't want to be a king.
Margaret: hey jerks. Richard, don't you turn away from me.
Richard: 'foul wrinkled witch, what mak'st thou in my sight?' i thought you were banished.
Margaret: you owe me a husband, a son, and a kingdom. your happiness should be mine.
Richard: did you forget the horrible things you did to my family? you slaughtered my baby brother.
Margaret: aren't we even by now? i hope you live to one day be stuck in my circumstances. you will get what is coming to you, you disgusting, loathed, waste of a man.
Richard: mercy, please.
Margaret: and you, Elizabeth. one day you will want me to help you against this 'bunch-backed toad'.
Dorset: don't argue with her. she's crazy.
Margaret: the higher they climb, the harder they fall. i pray you lose this kingdom in as much blood as you won it.
Buckingham: 'peace, peace, for shame, if not for charity!'
Margaret: Buckingham, i have no problem with you. my family's blood is not on your hands.
Buckingham. nor anyone else.
Margaret: you're seriously going to be on his side? (see quote below.) (she exits.)
Richard: we can't blame her for being this way. her life has been hard and i'm sorry that i've contributed to that.
Elizabeth: i never did anything wrong to her.
Richard: yes, but you have gained from every wrong she has suffered.
   (Catesby enters.)
Catesby: His Majesty is calling for all of you.
   (all exit except Richard. two murderers enter.)
Richard: are you ready?
Murderer: oh yes.
Richard: when you are done, go to Crosby place. kill him quickly, because Clarence is well-spoken. he will convince you not to kill him.
Murderer: we're on it.

is it me, or does this play have the best insults in it? some of my particular favorites are 'foul wrinkled witch' and 'elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog'. ahahaha. awesome. i hope there are a lot more to come.

i am obsessed with Margaret. i've said it before, but her character arc is insane. i don't even recognize her from when we met her in the Henry plays. she has grown and changed so much. i do think she sometimes acts as a bit of a hypocrite, such as being horrified that Richard killed her son when she killed Richard's baby brother. but other than that, i kind of love her. i can't wait for her to turn out to be right. i wonder if there will be a moment in which Elizabeth wishes she had listened to Margaret.

quote of the day:
'what, dost thou scorn me for my gentle counsel?
and soothe the devil that i warn thee from?
o, but remember this another day,
when he shall split thy very heart with sorrow,
and say poor Margaret was a prophetess!
live each of you the subjects to his hate,
and he to yours, and all of you to God's!'
     -Margaret; act 1, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 1, scene 4

-rebecca may

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  1. 'peace, peace, for shame, if not for charity!'

    I like that, even if I'm not sure I agree with the sentiment.