Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 3, Scene 2


i had more fun at today's cue to cue than i think i've ever had at a tech rehearsal. it was awesome. and i'm completely beat. done. towel thrown in. but i read my shakespeare anywayyyyy. and i will get up and do it all over again tomorrow. AH!

p.s. Richard is now called Gloucester, and George is Clarence.

here's what went down in act 3, scene 2:
   (King Edward, Clarence, Gloucester, and Lady Grey.)
Edward: this woman's husband died in battle, and the rights to her land were lost to her. she is here now to get those rights back.
Gloucester. do it!
Clarence (to G): let him play his game with her.
Edward: we will think about this and let you know what we decide.
Lady Grey: please resolve this now.
Edward: how many children do you have?
Lady G: 3.
Edward: look, i'll tell you how to get your land back.
Lady G: i will do whatever you say.
Edward: your task is to love your king.
Lady G: that's easy. i am a loyal subject. i already love my king. done deal. i will leave with my land. thank you.
Edward: no, stay. by love i mean the fruits of love!
Lady G: you will have my love til death.
Edward: no, you don't understand. to be plain, 'i am to lie with thee'.
Lady G: to be plain, 'i'd rather lie in prison'.
Edward: then you won't have your husband's land.
Lady G: i can't marry you, i'm grieving.
Edward: (aside) her looks, her wit... she's perfect. she is fit for a king. she will be mine.
Lady G: it will grieve you when my sons call you father.
Edward: i have children too. my subjects are my children, and you will be their mother. you will be my queen.
Gloucester: she looks sad. i don't think she wants this.
Edward: i don't care what you think.
   (a Nobleman enters.)
Nobleman: Henry, your enemy, has been captured.
Edward: take him to the Tower. we will talk to his captors.
   (all exit except Gloucester.)
Gloucester: Edward, i hope you don't have a child with her. that's just one more person between me and the crown. Clarence is before me too. i dream of nothing but being the king. i cannot live for love. i was born with a hump on my back and one leg shorter than the other. my shape is not the shape of love. there is nothing on the earth that could give me joy other than to be king. there are many people standing between me and the crown. (see quote below.) i will have it!

that is all i got this time. stay tuned for future entries with more insight than this one.

quote of the day:
'why, i can smile, and murder whiles i smile,
and cry "content" to that which grieves my heart,
and wet my cheeks with artificial tears,
and frame myself to all occasions.'
     -Gloucester; act 3, scene 2

for tomorrow: act 3, scene 3

-rebecca may

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