Friday, February 4, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 1, Scene 1


woohoo! i finished my reading before rehearsal AGAIN! which is a good thing because i have a lot to do tonight before i can hit the hay. so let's get to it!   

this play starts with a bang:
 (at Parliament House/Westminster Palace, York and his crew enter.)
Warwick: how the hell did Henry escape us?
York: he ran away and left his men!
Edward: and Buckingham is either dead or seriously injured.
   (Richard holds up Somerset's head and shakes it.)
Richard: i hope i get to shake Henry's head just like this.
Warwick: there is the throne. take it, my Lord. and when Henry comes, don't act violently unless he tries to force you out.
   (Henry and his entourage enter.)
Henry: what the hell? Northumberland, Clifford- remember you have sworn revenge on York.
Westmoreland: let's pluck him right off that throne.
Henry: be patient.
Clifford: patience is for cowards.
Henry: don't you know that London is now on their side? if we fight them, we will be outnumbered. let frowns, words, and threats be my tools to fight with. (to York) kneel to me. i am your king.
York: i am yours.
Warwick: you be Duke of Lancaster. let him be king.
Westmorland: he is king and duke.
Warwick: let's not forget that you ran from us and we killed your fathers.
Henry: what makes you think you deserve the crown? Richard resigned the throne to my grandfather.
York: he was forced to resign!
Exeter: maybe York is right.
Henry: what? are you against me now, Exeter?
Clifford: i will stand by you, Henry, no matter what.
Warwick: give him the throne or we will tear this place apart.
York: if you hand the crown to me and my heirs, you can stay on the throne while you live. and we will remain peaceful.
Henry:... okay. that is what i will do.
Clifford/Westmorland/Northumberland: what the hell are you doing?
Clifford: let's go tell the queen.
Henry: if i do this, you must stop this war, honor me as your king, and not try to kill me.
York: done.
   (they all leave and Margaret and Prince Edward enter.)
Margaret: i wish i had never known you! i wish i had died unmarried! you disinherited our son!
Edward: why can't i be king?
Henry: they forced me!
Margaret: he forced you? you are the king! (see quote below.) come on Edward, let's take our army and fight them.
Henry: Edward, won't you stay with me?
Edward: once we are victorious, i will.

i am confused about what side i'm on. even more now. i can see where both of them are coming from, and i can understand their actions as well. York and Henry are both making enemies (Henry more now than York), but i can see why they are motivated to make those choices. Henry wants to have peace above all else. yes, it looks terrible for him to disinherit his son, but he's also saving thousands of lives. and i can understand that York wants to get back what is rightfully his. it was stolen from his family. are their motivations totally pure? no. i think probably Henry is a little bit of a wimp and York is a little manipulative and power-hungry, but there are legit intentions there. fascinating.

oh snap. Margaret is fierce. i love this quote of the day. i have hated her since she came into the picture, but I do love that she stands up to him here. he has made this choice that is horrible for their family, and she stands up for herself and her son. again, maybe her motivations aren't totally pure, but what she does is pretty amazing. i feel like for a woman to do that at this time was incredibly bold. i am so excited to see what comes of this.

how old is Edward, Prince of Wales at this time? and York's sons? does anyone know?

quote of the day:
'had i been there, which am a silly woman,
the soldiers should have tossed them on their pikes
before i would have granted to that act.
but thou preferr'st thy life before thine honor;
and seeing thou dost, i here divorce myself
both from thy table, Henry, and thy bed,
until that act of Parliament be repealed
whereby my son is disinherited.'
     -Margaret, act 1, scene 1

for tomorrow: the rest of act one. and i look forward to it!

(flourish. exeunt rebecca to party.)

-rebecca may

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