Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tragedy of King Richard the Third Background Info


it's the last weekend of Vinegar Tom! BOO. but the first day of Richard III. YAY! i am exhausted after only an hour and a half of sleep last night. ugh. i am so looking forward to watching the show and going to BED. no after-show fun for me tonight. i am learning the limitations of my body. i remember in undergrad i would pull an all-nighter and be recovered a day later. not anymore! man, i am a mess. good thing i've got my Vinegar Tom people to get me through the night!

Shakespeare is easy today. here's some stuff i learned:
-this play begins where 6 Henry 3 left off, and takes place over 14 years.
-Queen Margaret's presence in this is completely fabricated. in real life, she went to France and stayed there.
-as we know, i am obsessed with Margaret. from what i remember, she gets kinda crazy in this play and brings on the heat. STOKED for that.
-Richard III will be exciting for me because it is totally centered around Richard (aka Gloucester.) remember how things got really confusing before with dual main characters: Edward and Henry? not this time, kids. there are still a lot of characters, but Richard's story is the main one that we follow.
-this play explores divine causality even more than the rest in the series. that excites me because i have read before that Shakespeare himself wasn't into that way of thinking, but most of England was. i'm interested to see how that will play out.
-here's the question: is he evil because he was born ugly and everyone has treated him like crap his whole life? or was he born ugly because it was pre-ordained that he would be evil? hm... chew on that.

if you've never seen it, i highly recommend you check out Looking for Richard with Al Pacino. i don't want to give away too much, because it's completely genius, but i will say that he explores understanding and producing this play. it's really funny and insightful and just plain awesome. you'll love it!

for tomorrow: act 1, scenes 1 and 2
saturday: act 1, scene 3
sunday: act 1, scene 4

-rebecca may

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