Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 2, Scene 6


so... after an all-nighter and some consideration, i have come to a realization/decision. until Vinegar Tom opens, which is next Thursday, my blog just has to be short and sweet. it's unfortunate, but it just has to be. it's important to take care of myself, right? one of the actors from the show told me the other day that she had been trying to keep up, but at some point gave up. i told her, as i said here before, that this can't be a chore. the minute Shakespeare becomes a chore is the minute it stops being fun. and if it stops being fun, i won't make it. so i have to have some give and take, as you all should too. if you find reading this to be a chore, take a break! i will continue to read and write every day, but for the next 8 days i am going to try to take care of myself a little better than i have been. and if i do that i will be able to serve this project far better in the long-run.

act 2, scene 6. here we go!
   (Clifford enters with an arrow in his neck.)
Clifford: (see quote of the day.) my death will weaken Henry's power and strengthen York's. and all of the commoners will flock to York like gnats to the sun! i have no way to flee here, and if my enemies find me, they will show no mercy on me.
   (Clifford faints. Edward, Warwick, etc. enter.)
Edward: they've fled. let's rest. do you think Clifford was with them?
Warwick: no way. Richard shot him with an arrow!
   (Clifford groans. and dies.)
Richard: who was that?... it's Clifford!
Warwick: go get York's head off of the gate and let's put Clifford's head there instead. can you hear us, Clifford? i think he's dead.
Richard: i wish he could hear. maybe he can, it is his policy to fake and lie.
   (George, Richard, Edward, and Warwick mock Clifford's dead body.)
Richard: he's dead. i would chop off my right hand just to get two hours to do whatever i want to him.
Warwick: behead him! and let's head to London to crown you King, Edward. i will go to France from there to secure the french queen's sister for your queen! we will tie France and England back together again.
Edward: Richard, i will make you Duke of Gloucester. George, you will be Duke of Clarence.
Richard: no! let me be Duke of Clarence!
Warwick: hush. Richard, you will be Duke of Gloucester. now, let's off to London!

Clifford enters. with an arrow. in. his. neck. WOAH. i sure want to see that. intense!

sometimes i feel like Warwick is babysitting Edward, Richard, and George. anyone else get that impression? anyone know how old they are right now?

quote of the day:
'here burns my candle out; ay, here it dies,
which, whiles it lasted, gave King Henry light.
O Lancaster, i fear thy overthrow
more than my body's parting with my soul!'
     -Clifford; act 2, scene 6

for tomorrow: act 3, scene 1 and maybe 2

-rebecca may (still of Lancaster)

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  1. Dude would cut off his right hand for two hours of playing with Clifford's body!

    And the dispute over who gets Duke of Gloucester or Duke of Clarence - funny!