Monday, February 14, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 4, Scene 1


looks like i was a little ambitious yesterday when i thought i could read so much today. oh no, it was not Valentine's day shenanigans that kept me busy. it was oversleeping, back-to-back class, and first dress rehearsal. it's a little wacko right now. just sayin'. but i did read, and i have to say that this play keeps on packin'. it's crazy! crazy awesome. enjoy.

here goes:

   (Gloucester, Clarence, Montague, and Somerset in London)
Gloucester: so what do you guys think of this Lady Grey.
Clarence: ha. of course he couldn't wait til Warwick returned.
   (King Edward, Lady Grey (now Queen Elizabeth), etc. enter.)
Clarence: i will tell him exactly how i feel. so, Edward, what the hell? France and Warwick are now against us.
Edward: they are not as important as me. i am the king after all. Gloucester, are you mad too?
Gloucester: who me? no. God forbid.
Edward: fine. tell me why you should dislike her.
Clarence: well, the king of France is your enemy now.
Gloucester: and you dishonored Warwick.
Edward: what if i could make it up to both of them?
Montague: an alliance with France would have strengthened us.
Hastings: meh. England is safe.
Edward: are you mad because i gave Hastings the wife you thought you would get? i'll get you someone.
Clarence: nope. i'm good.
Elizabeth: i want you all to like me. it upsets me that you don't.
Edward. babe, don't even worry about it. (see quote below.)
   (Mailman enters.)
Post: Lewis says to tell you that he is mad and is sending over an army to fight you. Lady Bona isn't very happy either. Margaret says she's ready to fight you. and Warwick is the most angry of all. he says that you did him wrong and he will make sure you lose your crown.
Edward: oh really? well, i have an army too. is Warwick friends with Margaret now.
Post: oh yeah. Prince Edward is going to marry Warwick's daughter.
Clarence. i am going to go get Warwick's other daughter.
   (Clarence and Somerset exit.)
Gloucester: (aside) i will stay, but not for Edward. i want that crown!
Edward: let's prepare for war. Hastings and Montague, if you want to go to Warwick, go now. i release you.
Montague and Hastings: we remain loyal to you, Edward!
Edward: 'then i am sure of victory.'

well! Edward is a cocky little thing, isn't he? i am wondering if this is going to come back to him. actually, i'm kind of hoping it does. i mean, it's kind of cool that he married who he wanted rather than who was politically correct to marry, but still. his attitude is outrageous. right?

did Clarence go to Warwick (and Henry's) side? am i confused?

quote of the day:
'my love, forebear to fawn upon their frowns.
what danger or what sorrows can befall thee
so long as Edward is thy constant friend
and their true sovereign, whom they must obey?
nay, whom they shall obey, and love thee too,
unless they seek for hatred at my hands;
which if they do, yet will i keep thee safe,
and they shall feel the vengeance of my wrath.'
     -Edward; act 4, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 4, scenes 2-5

-rebecca may

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