Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 3, Scene 1


it's a short one today kids. why? because tomorrow is 12 hours of cue to cue and i need to sleep! i had an amazing rehearsal for Vinegar Tom today. it was the first time in a long time that i felt like i was back in my element as a director. i had some really great one-on-one time with a few actors and with the band. i felt so good about all of it, and started to get some of that old confidence and clarity back that used to come to me so easily. we have some wonderfully open and brave actors in this show, and it's such a pleasure to work with them every day. it makes the all-nighters and emotional wringer completely worth it. it's six days til we open. this is the time where you either realize the show is a disaster or it's going to be amazing. i don't want to jinx it or anything, but i'm feeling optimistic! our team is beautiful. and they work so hard. and i am blessed to spend my evenings with them. that's all there is to it.

now that that tangent is over, here's how act 3 opens:
   (2 men with crossbows in the woods.)
First Keeper: let's hide here. the deer will come and we will get the biggest one.
   (Henry enters, disguised. the men stay hidden.)
Henry: i snuck away from Scotland. (see quote below.) everything about my old life has been stolen from me! no man cares what i have to offer them, because i can't offer anyone anything.
First Keeper: that's Henry! let's get him!
Second Keeper: no wait. let's hear a little more.
Henry: Margaret and Edward went to France to ask for help. and Warwick went too! Margaret may win him, but i fear Warwick may have a leg up on her. she's coming to beg for help and he's coming to offer a marriage proposal. she cries and he smiles. oh poor Margaret. i fear you will fail!
   (the men emerge.)
Second Keeper: who are you? you talk as if you were a king.
Henry: i am a king, in my mind. and i wear my crown in my heart.
Second Keeper: whatever. you're the old King Henry. we are arresting you. we are sworn to King Edward!
Henry: aren't i the king? aren't you sworn to me?
First Keeper: we were while you were the king.
Henry: what, am i dead?
First Keeper: Edward is the true king, and we are loyal to him!
Henry: you would be loyal to me if i was where he is, but i will follow whatever is God's will and let you take me.

is Henry wishing for his old life back? wasn't he wishing to be a common man a few weeks ago? isn't that kind of what he is now? interisting. is Henry having grass is greener complex? what do you think?

it must be so hard to play Henry. he is so loveable, but it would be hard to keep him in that zone and out of the annoying-shut-up-i-wish-you-would-die-already zone. i would love to see this play. anyone have experiences to share?

quote of the day:
'from Scotland am i stol'n, even of pure love,
to greet mine own land with my wishful sight.
no, Harry, Harry, 'tis no land of thine!'
     -Henry; act 3, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 3, scene 2

-rebecca may (still definitely with the Lancasters)


  1. Hey Rebecca:

    I wanted to share how much I'm enjoying reading your blog posts. You started reading 3 Henry VI right when we started rehearsing it at the American Shakespeare Center (for more info, check out our website Your observations and questions are just about the same as the ones we're making and asking every day in rehearsals. I have no idea where you're posting from, but it would be amazing if you could come see the show once you finish reading it!!! Your ticket's on me if you can make it.

    P.S. Clifford with an arrow in his neck looks as bad ass as it reads. :)

  2. In the midst of all the posturing, intrigue, betrayal, and feeling guilty for violence in his name, the life of a commoner probably appeared preferable. But people still recognize him and want to arrest him. So, poor Henry can't win.

  3. shannon, thanks for the post! i took a brief look at the site, and will look closer later. i am writing from sunny florida, but it just so happens that i am planning a road trip in march. hm... maybe i will have the chance to stop in! keeps us posted on your developments!!!

  4. Rebecca: Keep me posted on the road trip!!!
    As far as updates, I'm randomly writing updates in my blog. If you have questions about what I write (or don't write), post them for me and I'll be sure to answer. And I'll be sure to keep commenting on yours as we work through the play. :)
    The blog is: