Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 4, Scenes 2-5


how is it that theater can be both the best and worst thing ever? i feel like some of the most precious moments of my life have happened within the walls of a theater. i won’t say that my worst moments have happened in a theater, that’s not true, but i feel like theater can make me feel like total crap unlike almost anything else. it’s so personal. and i hate when people say it’s not. if your art isn’t personal, then i don’t know what you’re doing. for real. it just feels like i’ve doubted myself more since i started grad school than i did in the entirety of my life previous to grad school. i know that’s good for me in a way. i know. but then there’s days like these that just make me feel… useless. just got to push through these days, continue to be resilient, and keep finding the people and places and projects that are right and a good fit. keep moving forward, right? right.

i digress to this awesome play:

act 4, scene 2
   (Warwick, Oxford, and French soldiers in England. Clarence and Somerset enter.)
Warwick: well hello there. are you on our side or what?
Clarence: oh yeah.
Warwick: cool. i will give you my daughter’s hand in marriage. now let’s go sneak up on Edward and take him. i’ve heard he’s got crappy security so it should be pretty easy. don’t kill him, just capture him.

act 4, scene 3
   (3 Watchmen guarding King Edward’s tent.)
Watchmen say some stuff about Lord Hastings being with Edward and about some other stuff that I’m really confused about. if you know, please shed some light on the subject!
   (Warwick, Clarence, Oxford, Somerset, and soldiers enter quietly.)
Warwick: here’s his tent!
   (Warwick and others chase the watchmen away. they get Edward from his tent in his nightgown. Gloucester and Hastings run away.)
Warwick: let them go. we have the Duke.
Edward: Duke? i thought i was King.
Warwick: yeah, until you disgraced me in front of the French king. (see quote below.) (Warwick takes off Edward’s crown.) this is Henry’s. take Edward to my brother, Archbishop of York. let’s go to London to free Henry.

act 4, scene 4
   (London. Elizabeth and Rivers enter.)
Rivers: why so sad?
Elizabeth: Edward is lost to us.
Rivers: he’s dead?
Elizabeth: no, but he’s been taken prisoner. and i’m pregnant!
Rivers: where is Warwick?
Elizabeth: he’s coming here to make Henry king again! i’m going to take sanctuary to save Edward’s unborn child. let’s go.

act 4, scene 5
   (Gloucester, Hastings, and Stanley in Yorkshire.)
Gloucester: my brother is prisoner to Warwick’s brother here. i’ve heard he’s got crappy security, so it should be pretty easy. i found a way to tell him that if he comes this way while the Huntsman takes him to hunt, we will be here to free him.
   (Huntsman and Edward enter.)
Gloucester: we’ve got your horse. let’s go!
Edward: hey, Huntsman, you coming with us?
Huntsman: might as well.
Edward: peace out Archbishop!

i can’t believe it. Edward’s security was weak, so Warwick was able to steal him away. you think they would have learned from that. but no. they just give him weak security again so Gloucester could steal him back. ridiculous. is this a comedy?

OMG that crap is about to hit the fan. i can feel it. i can’t WAIT!

quote of the day:
‘alas, how should you govern any kingdom,
that know not how to use ambassadors,
nor how to be contented with one wife,
nor how to use your brothers brotherly,
nor how to study for the people’s welfare,
nor how to shroud yourself from enemies?’
     -Warwick; act 4, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 4, scenes 6-8

-rebecca may



    We've just about finished blocking it, we open next weekend (Feb 25). It's just an unyielding wonderful ride to go on.

    Can't wait to see your reaction to what happens next.

  2. awesome! please share some of your experiences when you get the chance!