Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 2, Scene 5


dear rebecca, you are an idiot. you woke up 3 hours after the time you set your alarm. and you spent too long at Target picking out your audition outfit for tomorrow. and you spent 5 hours at rehearsal. now you have to pull an all-nighter to get your work done. and then you'll be up late again tomorrow. and then you're going to get sick. and then you're going to be miserable when Vinegar Tom opens. and that. will suck. all because your subconscious mind turned off BOTH of your alarms this morning. cool.

on with the show:
   (Henry enters alone.)
Henry: this battle continuously sways back and forth between the Lancasters and Yorks. Margaret and Clifford made me leave because they say they do better when i'm gone. i think i would be happier if i had a simpler life. i could enjoy time in a new way. (see quote of the day.)
   (a son enters with a dead man.)
Son: i killed this man in battle. i will take his money, and maybe i will be killed and these coins stolen by someone else. who is this? oh my God, this is my father. i fought for the king and he fought for York and i killed him, not knowing who he was!
   (he and Henry weep. a father enters.)
Father: (he says basically the same thing the son has just said. he accidentally killed his son.)
Henry: if only i could die and stop these horrible things from happening to them!
Son: how will my mother take this?
Father: how will my wife take this?
Henry: how will my country take this?
   (Son exits with body.)
Father: 'for from mine heart thine image ne'er shall go.'
   (Father exits with body. Margaret, Prince Edward, and Exeter enter.)
Prince: let's go, father! all your friends have fled and your enemies are in pursuit!
Margaret: Richard and Edward will be upon us any moment. let's go!
Henry: i do not fear staying here, but i do love to go where the queen goes.

my only question is, why would Shakespeare do this thing with the father/son twice? like, i get it that he's showing that families are being ripped apart, but i thought he was a better editor than that. when the father enters, we know what's going to happen. it feels so out of place. i wonder if a lot of people cut this when they produce this play.

i still love Henry. his monologue is beautiful. to me, he seems like a sane man in a crazy world. it feels like he's the only one who gives a crap that all these people are dying. what do you think?
quote of the day:
'gives not the hawthorn bush a sweeter shade
to shepherds looking on their silly sheep
than doth a rich embroidered canopy
to kings that fear their subjects' treachery?'
   Henry; act 2, scene 5

for tomorrow: act 2, scene 6 and maybe act 3, scene 1

-rebecca may (still a Lancaster for now.)

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  1. The Quote of the Day reminds me of "What Do the Simple Folk Do?" in CAMELOT. And the Henry IV soliloquy about "the head that wears the crown."

    Elsewhere, based on what he says about wanting to go wherever the Queen goes, Henry seems to have remained smitten with his wife after all of this time.