Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 3, Scene 3


Vinegar Tom is going sooo well! we had two great runs today. just 3 more rehearsals til we open and i am wicked excited to get an audience response. this play is crazy! i wonder what Shakespeare would think of it. there are plenty of unruly women running around. ;0) in fact, i wonder what Shakespeare would think of theater today. what kind of plays would he be writing? what do you think?

on to the play because, believe me, it's intense:
   (in France. King Lewis of France, his posse, and Margaret.)
King Lewis: Queen Margaret, sit with us!
Margaret: well, i was a queen. but i am not now, so i must humble myself.
   (Lewis sits Margaret down next to him.)
Lewis: if i can help you, i will.
Margaret: Henry, the 'sole professor of my love' is banished. Edward of York has stolen the crown. if you can't help us, we are done for. Scotland would help if they could, but they can't.
Lewis: let me think on how i can help you.
   (Warwick enters.)
Warwick: i am here on Edwards' behalf to woo your sister Lady Bona. he loves her!
Margaret: that's crap. he doesn't love her. this is completely political. (see quote below.)
Lewis: wait, Margaret. let me talk more with Warwick. (to Warwick.) Warwick, is Edward for real?
Warwick: heck yes he is!
Lewis: if he is true, then our sister will be Edward's.
Margaret: Warwick, you are a dog. you've contrived this whole thing!
Lewis: Margaret, i'm still your friend. you can't blame me for doing what's best for me.
   (a postman enters, with letters for Margaret, Lewis, and Warwick.)
Lewis: hey Warwick? what does your letter say? that Edward married Lady Grey? because that's what mine says! what the hell is going on?
Warwick: i swear i had no part in this. he has dishonored me. have i forgotten that it was because of the Yorks that my father died? i am renouncing Edward and returning to Henry's side!
Margaret: Warwick, i am so happy to hear it. i forgive you!
Warwick: Lewis, if you will give us soldiers, i will take them to fight Edward.
Lewis: i will help you. tell Edward to bring it on because this means war.
Warwick: i will uncrown him and get revenge for Lady Bona.
Lewis: Warwick, i will give you 5000 men. when you need help, i will send Margaret with more. how will you pledge your loyalty?
Warwick: let's join my daughter with your son, Margaret.
Margaret: that sounds good to me.
Prince Edward: okay.
   (everyone exits but Warwick.)
Warwick: i am so pissed at Edward. i brought him up and i can tear him down. it's not really that i care about Henry, it's just that i must get back at Edward.

is this the same Margaret? remember when we first met her? she was hating on Henry, power-hungry, and in love with... Suffolk was it? crying over his severed head? look at her now! standing up to the king of France and saying Henry is her only love?!?!? will old (and maybe true) Margaret show her other face again? or is this her now? what do you think?

i also LOVE how easy it was for Warwick to switch sides. how many switches is this? at least 2. if it's that easy to switch, can't he just switch back? i mean, don't they see that? i know he gave his daughter as wife to Prince Edward, but still... we have seen this war tear families apart, so i don't really think Margaret should feel too secure. know what i mean?

oh yeah and i love that this king is marrying Lady Grey on a whim instead of the girl he's supposed to marry. who does that sound like?

quote of the day:
'look, therefore, Lewis, that by this league and marriage
thou draw not on thy danger and dishonor.
for thou usurpers sway the rule awhile,
yet heavens are just, and time suppresseth wrongs.'
     -Margaret; act 3, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 4, scenes 1-4? maybe? at least scenes 1 and 2 for sure!

-rebecca may, Lancaster for life!

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  1. At this point, I don't think anyone has the luxury of waiting for proof of loyalty before taking action.

    If Margaret's heart is not true to Henry, she has done a magnificently thorough job of faking it in the last several installments of your summary. And I can't see how that would be to her advantage in her present circumstances.