Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 4, Scenes 7 & 8


opening night. OpEnInG nIgHt OPENING NIGHT!!!!!!! Vinegar Tom woot woot. i'm so excited! let's do this blog!

the madness continues:

act 4, scene 7
   (Edward and his posse at the gates of York)
Edward: i'm going to get that crown from Henry. AGAIN.
Gloucester: why is this gate locked?
Hastings: i will knock again.
   (Mayor of York and the Alderman enter at the top of the wall.)
Mayor: we were warned you were coming, so we locked the gate to protect ourselves. our allegiance is to Henry!
Edward: sure, he's your king, but i am Duke of York.
Hastings: why do you doubt us? we are Henry's friends.
   (Mayor and Alderman enter.)
Edward: Mayor, you must not shut the gate except at night or during battle. give me my keys.
   (Montgomery enters with soldiers.)
Montgomery: i am here to help King Edward in battle.
Edward: thanks, but we are holding off awhile on the battling. i'm just a Duke for now.
Montgomery: forget that, i'm leaving if we're not fighting. i serve the King, not a Duke.
Gloucester: we are doing this now whether you like it or not. you will have plenty of followers. don't worry.
Edward: oh, all right. tomorrow we fight!

act 4, scene 8
   (Henry and his posse in London.)
Warwick: Edward is on his way!
Henry: well, let's fight him, no?
Warwick: let's gather our peops.
   (all exit but Henry and Exeter.)
Henry: Exeter, what do you think?
Exeter: i'm scared Edward will seduce everyone onto his side.
Henry: i don't fear that. i've been good to the people. (see quote below.)
   (Edward, Gloucester, and his soldiers enter.)
Edward: seize him! take him to the Tower! and let's go off to find Warwick.

i am so scared for Henry! i love him so. i would love to see how he is played by different actors. is he a coward or is he a man of integrity? of course i know it's not as simple as that, but it seems like there's a wide spectrum of ways he could be taken. what do you think? i'm basically in love with Henry. move over, Margaret! he's mine.

all i'm saying is if they kill Henry i am going to be SO mad. Warwick? sure. Exeter? Oxford? who needs 'em. but Henry must live!

opening NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

quote of the day:
'then why should they love Edward more than me?
no, Exeter, these graces challenge grace;
and when the lion fawns upon the lamb,
the lamb will never cease to follow him.'
     -Henry; act 4, scene 8

for tomorrow: act 5, scene 1... and beyond?

-rebecca may, duchess of Lancaster

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  1. Henry is a difficult character. The BBC version has him played as a weak and whiny man. It works, but you don't feel for him when he's that ineffectual. Our Henry is really trying to do right by the people. He has integrity, but his sin (if you want to call it that) is that he is too worried about them. In our first two parts of Henry VI, Henry was played by women. He was supposed to be very young then, so it worked rather well. This time around, a man gets the part. It's lovely to see Henry go from boy to man over three plays. It really highlights that he's just making the best of a horrible situation rather than being a terrible king. He wants everyone to get along... which anyone can see is just never going to happen.