Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Lover's Complaint Lines 71-224


we went to see The King's Speech today to celebrate our first night with no rehearsal! i was pleasantly surprised to see some of my old favorites: Derek Jacobi and Jennifer Ehle. it's a lovely film. see it if you have the chance. Pride and Prejudice and A Single Man aside, i often feel like I can't quite fully buy into Colin Firth's performances. he's gorgeous and entertaining, but there is often a disconnect there for me. tonight, i didn't really feel that at all. his performance was so specific. i loved it! and now i see what all the fuss is about. check it out! it's a great film with some remarkable performances.

you know who didn't give a remarkable performance today? ME. i read half of what i wanted to read because i was reading so darn slow because i was strrrruggling. towards the end of the section, i think i was getting it a little more, but man... this stuff can be confusing! when the footnotes are as long as the text itself, it's usually a bad sign.

here's what i think happened today. feel free to correct me if i'm confused:
the young maiden says to the old shepherd that it is sorrow and not old age that makes her seem so old. she starts talking about the young man, and some of this i don't understand, but i will do my best. he is beautiful, and he enchants everyone who sees him. he has a perfect beard, which he makes look better for wearing it. his 'qualities' are just as great as his looks. he can ride a horse like none other. is it him or the horse that is so great?... it's him. he makes everything better. he can do anything, and everyone loves and wants him. he charmed many, but especially the young maiden. she didn't give in to him right away, but eventually gave him everything. she should have known better, but you never take advice when you should. no one can stop you but you and you have to learn things for yourself. she tried to hold her ground and take into consideration what she had heard about him, but he made her feel so special.
(POV switch) he tells her to trust him. he tells her that all the rumors she's heard about him have meant nothing, but the maiden does mean something to him. he has conquered all of them. (see quote below.) he makes them blush and he makes them cry. they shower him with money, poetry, jewels, all trying to be with him. they say he's just as wonderful as any gem that they give to him. but he doesn't care about any of those girls. he wants the maiden just as much as they want him.

this guy is a jerk. fact. she needs to get over him.

okay so there's this part that says, 'in his fair parts she did abide'. does that mean what i think it means? later she says she 'reserved the stalk and gave him all my flower,' which to me sounds like she didn't marry him but did have sex with him. a little later she says that she yielded a little while before she demanded him. mow. am i way off base here? because i'm pretty sure this girl is mad because she had sex with this guy who sweet-talked her into thinking she was the only one, when really there are plenty of others and she's not special at all. that's what i'm getting from this. what do you think?

quote of the day:
'among the many that mine eyes have seen,
not one whose flame my heart so much as warned,
or my affection put to th' smallest teen,
or any of my leisures ever charmed.
harm have i done to them, but ne'er was harmed;
kept hearts in liveries, but mine own was free,
and reigned, commanding in his monarchy.'
     -lines 190-196

for tomorrow: lines 225-329 (which is the end)
thursday: Richard III background info

-rebecca may

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