Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Henry 6: Act 4, Scene 6


hahahaha. i thought i would finish this act today. and have final dress for Vinegar Tom. hahaha i'm hilarious. well, i read one scene anyway. that's something. and a confusing scene it was too!

here goes:
   (King Henry and his clan at the Tower of London.)
Henry: now that we've won, what do I owe you, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant: nothing but your pardon.
Henry: for what? it wasn't your fault i was in prison, and you were nice to me while i was! and i thank God and Warwick for setting me free. how about this: i will be king by name and you can rule the country.
Warwick: thanks! but what about Clarence?
Henry: no, Warwick. it's all you.
Warwick: and i choose Clarence as Protector.
Henry: i make you both Protector. and i will spend my days in private devotion.
(some confusing stuff i don't understand between Clarence and Warwick-see question below.)
Henry: but first, let's get Margaret and my Edward from France. i won't be happy til i see them.
Clarence: done.
Henry: and who is that?
Somerset: it's young Henry, Earl of Richmond.
Henry: you are England's hope for the future. (see question and quote below.)
   (Mailman enters.)
Post: bad news. Edward of York has escaped.
Warwick: say what?!?!? how?
Post: Gloucester and Hastings helped him.
Warwick: my brother was careless with him.
Somerset: i feel a war coming on. Richmond is too important. let's hide him away so nothing bad can happen to him.
Oxford: true. if Edward wins the crown back, Richmond is going down.

i am WICKED confused about Henry, Earl of Richmond. who is he? where did he come from? why would he be the king? why wouldn't it be Edward (Henry's son)? can anyone clue me in here?

i'm also a little confused about Clarence. i get that Henry is basically telling Warwick to rule the country, but i'm confused about Clarence's part in that. HELP!

quote of the day:
'come hither, England's hope. if secret powers
suggest but truth to my divining thoughts,
this pretty lad will prove our country's bliss.
his looks are full of peaceful majesty,
his head by nature framed to wear a crown,
his hand to wield a scepter, and himself
likely in time to bless a regal throne.
make much of him, my lords, for this is he
must help you more than you are hurt by me.'
     -Henry; act 4, scene 6

for tomorrow: i will attempt to finish the act, but it's opening night so who knows!!!

-rebecca may, Lancaster for Life!


  1. To assist in clearing up the confusion about Henry, Earl of Richmond:
    I won't ruin your enjoyment of exploration...but let's just say that this young boy becomes a very important character in the next play of this series (Richard III).
    Shakespeare is foreshadowing here.

  2. In regards to the Clarence position in all of this. Clarence and Warwick together rescued Henry and put him back on the throne. Neither have aspirations to lead, and, of course, Henry chooses them to lead the country together. Which neither really wants, and they might not do very well.

    So they keep asking each other, "you okay with this?" "I guess. You?" "I kinda don't want to but I will."

    And then they declare Edward traitor.

    Clear as mud?

  3. Tyler, that makes so much more sense now. thanks!