Sunday, March 13, 2011

Richard III: Act 5, Scenes 4 & 5


well, we have driven through the night, and we are back in sunny Florida again, just a couple of hours from home. as the epic road trip ends, so does the equally epic play: with a victory for the good guys. Richmond. and me! Richmond wins for England and justice, and i win for love and loyalty!

here it is. the end:

act 5, scene 4
Richard is vicious in battle, slaying more men than seems possible even though his horse was slain and he fights on foot. Catesby is running around telling everyone to withdraw, and trying to help Richard to safety. Richard cries out his famous line, "a horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!" (see quote below.)

act 5, scene 5
Richard and Richmond fight, and of course Richard is killed. Richmond and Stanley take the crown and congratulate themselves on their victory. we learn that young Stanley is still alive, and Norfolk is dead. Richmond vows to unite the red and white roses, and brig peace and prosperity to England.

i have to say that the ending was a little anticlimactic for me. i'm sure it's different when you see it, but on the page it's not very exciting. basically, they just fight and Richard dies. no nifty dialogue. i would love to see this moment staged in a few different ways to see how directors make the scene pop. and I have to say that the scene after is pretty ho-hum too. it's interesting... we want the good guy to win, but when he does, it's boring. Richmond is boring. Richard is exciting.

what a freaking phenomenal play, right? i feel like most people could get into this. if you know someone who can't get into Shakespeare, tell them this story. that's what i did. and it worked. the person i told was totally wrapped up in it. reach out and convert someone!

quote of the day:
'slave, i have set my life upon a cast,
and i will stand the hazard of the die.
i think there be six Richmond's in the field;
five have i slain today instead of him.
a horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!'
     -Richard; act 5, scene 4

for tomorrow: intro to sonnets!!!

5 plays, 4 poems down. 33 plays, 1 poem, 154 sonnets to go!

-rebecca may

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