Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Titus Andronicus Act 3, Scene 1


all right kids, you ready for another whopper? i'm not even going to preface, i've just got to tell you what happened.

act 3, scene 1
ok! so Titus is begging for his sons to be pardoned, but no one will listen to him. he begs and begs but they just walk on by. then, Titus' last alive and free son, Lucius, enters to inform Titus that he has been banished. and then Titus' brother, Marcus, comes in to reveal Lavinia to Titus. (remember Lavinia? raped? no hands or tongue?) suffice it to say that Titus is having a bad day. then Aaron enters to tell them that if one of them chops off their hand, they can trade it in to Saturninus for the lives of Titus' sons. Titus, Marcus, and Lucius fight over who will be the one to do it. Titus tells them to agree who will do it, 'i will spare my hand.' they go off in search for an ax, and while they do Titus gets Aaron to chop off his hand and take it to Saturninus. (see quote below.) a few minutes later, a messenger enters with the severed heads of Titus' sons and Titus' hand. he tells them that they have been duped and feels sorry for their situation. Titus vows not to rest until they are all avenged, and Lucius is sent to the Goths to raise an army.

the way i'm excited to read and write about this every day makes me feel like i'm into soap operas or something. seriously. it's outrageous and i gasp and i gush when i tell my roommate what happened. just sayin', there's a parallel there.

i love the play on words with 'spare my hand'. they think he means he will spare it from being cut off and he means that he will go without it. love that.

you know what's cool about this play? i'm not sure where my loyalties lie. i feel bad for everyone and yet i think everyone has behaved abominably. i don't think anyone is above reproach. not even Lavinia. i mean, she's no murderer, but she wasn't perfect either. i was psyched for Tamora's revenge, but now i'm kinda feeling like Titus deserves to be avenged. that's exciting to me, because it makes the whole thing seem less predictable. who will win? anyone? can anyone really win now? everyone is losing people in this battle.

death toll: 5. mutilation toll: 3. rape toll: 1.

quote of the day:
'i go, Andronicus, and for thy hand
look by and by to have thy sons with thee.
(aside.) their heads, i mean. o, how this villainy
doth fat me with the very thoughts of it!
let fools do good, and fair men call for grace;
Aaron will have his soul black like his face.'
   -Aaron; act 3, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 3, scene 2

-rebecca may

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  1. I know I've mentioned it in some of my previous comments, but I love plays, movies, shows that present the majority of their characters as complex assemblages of virtue and vice. I prefer that no one be completely beyond sympathy nor above reproach. Hold the mirror up to nature...