Sunday, March 27, 2011

Titus Andronicus Act 5, Scene 2


it's engagement party night! i am currently en route to Carrabba's to enjoy a lovely dinner with about 25 of our friends. and then back home to hang out with a few people. and then i have to do more research for my paper... but i'm not going to think about that right now. i am going to relax and have a good time with good friends and good food.

speaking of good food, you won't believe what happened in this scene.

act 5, scene 2
Tamora arrives at Titus' house with her sons Demetrius and Chiron. she has heard that Titus has lost his mind, so she is going to play a little trick on him. she convinces him that she is Revenge and her two sons are Murder and Rape, and they are there to help him in his struggle. he remarks how much like Tamora, Demetrius, and Chiron they look, and tells them that they will know who to kill when they find their twin in court. Tamora tells him to invite Lucius over for a feast and they will avenge Titus. she is leaving to 'help him' and he asks for Murder and Rape to stay behind with him. she agrees and off she goes. Titus, however, was only pretending to believe her. he gets his people to bound and gag D and C and gets a knife. he tells them that he will grind their bones to paste to make pie crust and fill those pies with their guts. (see quote below.) he will then bake those pies himself and feed them to their mother. then he slits their throats.

nice. i was freaking out when i read this scene. any relation to the old story of Sweeney Todd I wonder? i know that story comes from England long ago. anyone know?

so was Titus pretending to be crazy all along? or is he losing it, but not stupid enough to fall for this dumb trick. i'm a little disappointed in Tamora. i thought she could do better. sigh. oh well.

death toll: 9. mutilation and rape stay the same.

quote of the day:
'hark, villains, i will grind your bones to dust,
and with your blood and it i'll make a paste,
and of the paste a coffin will i rear,
and make two pasties of your shameful heads,
and bid that strummer, your unhallowed dam,
like to the earth swallow her own increase.'
-Titus; act 5, scene 3

for tomorrow: the end!

-Rebecca May

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  1. The Sweeney Todd story first appeared a couple of hundred years after Shakespeare. I don't know if it drew any inspiration from Titus, but there are plenty of stories about people cooking, serving and/or eating enemies. There is some retributive cannibalistic cookery in the Philomela myth, which inspires Titus.